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Perfect Vastu for Industrial Plots

Vastu is a way of arranging spaces and objects to improve the well-being of people in the building. It is an ancient Indian science which can be translated as “the science of shapes & architecture”. In this article, we’ll find out how to arrange your Industrial Plot to maximize its potential with help from a Vastu expert.

 Vastu for Industrial Plots

Vastu is a Sanskrit word that means “position of the body.” This practice provides balance and harmony in homes, businesses, and other structures. It can also be used to create the perfect industrial plot for a business or factory by determining the direction of entrance, machinery, office & utilities. 

There are certain auspicious locations & directions that need to be kept in mind during construction and placement of such structures. If done correctly, the Vastu can help ensure company success.

 Vastu Effects of Industrial Plots

Toxic chemicals and polluted environment surround the Industrial plots. Vastu principles cleanse negative energies and bring peace, positivity, and prosperity to industrial plots and their surroundings. The shape, orientation, main gate, utility area etc. if planned as per Vastu can help in the progress of the industrial plot. 

 Vastu for Industrial Plot Design

Vastu is an ancient scientific system of architecture that can help create the perfect environment for a certain industry. However, it is important to identify the type of industry and plan the Vastu of the industry in accordance with the practical requirements. As per Vastu, the human soul and spirit are intrinsically connected to the place where we live and work. Humans live, work, and thrive in a place free from negative energy. By creating positive environments for businesses, employees will more often feel comfortable and find it easy to work efficiently.

 To Do’s When Designing an Industrial Plot

Vastu Shastra, or the science of Vastu, has been around for almost four thousand years. The history of the science is quite interesting: it was first used in India, but later spread to other regions. Over time, people started using this ancient Indian knowledge to design their houses, offices, and factories.

An industrial plot must comply with Vastu in terms of construction, main gate, placement of machinery, utilities like toilets & pantry, machinery placement etc. Vastu Shastra has also been accepted by several different cultures & religions as this is based on scientific principles of nature. 

 Vastu Aspects for buying an Industrial Plot

  1. The first & foremost thing to check in an industrial plot is the entrance of the plot. The entrance of the plot should be as per Vastu so that positive energy can flow in the plot. This is a major contributor to the success of the factory.
  2. The shape & size of the plot also matters as per Vastu. Irregular shaped plots, or plots which are much more in length than width are generally not very auspicious.
  3. The plot number is another aspect which governs the success. As per numerology, plot number should be compliant to the type of business and owners birth date.
  4. Check the Vastu of plot with reference to the type of business carried out there. For example – If the plot is for the fashion industry, then balance the south-east direction.
  5. The plot must have sufficient positive area directions for ease of planning the industrial set up in that plot.
  6. The North-East direction of the plot should not have any toilet or septic tank.

One must seek professional advice from a learned Vastu Expert for selecting a Vastu compliant plot.  

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