Online Legal India Genuine Review on GST Registration

Reviews are Outcome of Service, Here I am sharing about Online Legal India Review, Some 6months ago, I applied for my GST registration on the website of a renowned online platform. Thought that as it is one of the renowned platforms their service would also be good but I was totally wrong.

The external shine was totally fake. The first time when I called them on their number for my required service, they told me to fill out a form and deposit a certain sum of money for my registration and also generate my ID. 

As guided by them I completed my registration procedure but to my surprise, after the registration procedure for Business was completed there was no response from them. I tried to contact them but after many failed attempts they contacted me.

GST Registration Not Done Properly

They literally did not know about the general steps of GST registration. Then I came to know about Online Legal India but because of my previous experience, I was not confident enough to go for it. But I took the risk and contacted the customer care desk of Online Legal India and told them about my required service.

They told me that I need to register myself first and have to pay a nominal charge. I did the same. They called me back within a short time and connected me with the legal experts of their team. The experts asked me about my problem and what type of service I want to have. They analyzed my case and provided me with the best and quickest solution.

OnlinelegalIndia Comes for Rescue

The GST experts called me and asked for the required documents and generated my ARN & TRN numbers. They then generated my GST identification number and provided me with my GST registration certificate within a short period of time. I was really happy and satisfied with their services.

Their registration process is very easy and simple. I just had to fill out my details and a very nominal amount as the registration fee. After the registration process was completed, the experts called me up and asked me about the service that I wanted and what were my case details. I told them every detail of mine and they drafted the application amount that they charge is very nominal and much more affordable compared to other online legal platforms. The team is very helpful and guides you throughout the entire process and also helps you to get your service done within a reasonable time.

Reviews and Conclusion

I can assure you that Online Legal India is the most trustworthy and trusted brand. You can surely go for it if you are looking for a value for money service or if you want a solution for your legal problems. Online Legal India is one of the best online legal platforms that not only provide the best legal services to its clients but also keep their trust. 

To be frank, before I got to know about Online Legal India I had tried many other online legal platforms but they all went in vain. The type of service that is offered by Online Legal India is truly marvellous and I am 100% satisfied with their work.

You can surely go for Online Legal India and can get the best legal services at an affordable price range.

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