On the very first attempt Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

attitude is needed or required for clearing the UPSC examination

99 reasons could be given for failure in your first attempt. There is only one reason to succeed. It is important to ignore the other 99 reasons and focus on that one reason. In short, stubbornness and find Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi.

  1. It is best to not waste your time on backup plans before you attempt them the first time. UPSC is the only exam you should be focusing on. You can always take up other options, if necessary, after Mains.
  2. Do not let stories of failure discourage you. Instead, learn from your failures and avoid repeating them.
  3. It is essential to “know” that you will be included in the merit list. Doubt this fact even for a second and your chances of getting on the merit list are greatly reduced.
  4. You must be confident in your ability to prepare for the challenge.
  5. Avoid getting afraid when you face difficulties and problems. It is important to believe that you can solve the problem. You must be able to trust yourself and find the solution.

You can trust yourself to make adjustments mid-course during preparation. E.g., You started a topic with one book but it was useless after a few days. Do not fret about the lost days. Don’t worry about the lost days. Just get up and change the book.

  1. Do not rely on anyone/any institution to help you. Only the most fortunate get this kind of personal guidance from their family members/friends. Others have to fight alone. You must accept that no one is coming to your aid.
  2. Don’t expect everything to work in your favor. There will always be some/many things that are against you. You may have no income, troublesome friends, or age issues. Self-pity is an ineffective thing that leads to energy wastage.
  3. Enjoy your preparation. The idea is to not hate preparation. If you are feeling too scared or bored to open your books every morning, stop preparing and start looking for a new career path.
  4. You can control your mind. There are many games. Keep your mind nourished with energy and inspiration for a few minutes each day – music, videos, clips of movies, or any other thing that makes you feel good.

How much time can one devote to Preparing CSAT Portion for UPSC Prelims?

The best way to prepare for the CSAT is to first analyze the question papers from previous years and then determine the strategy that should be used.

You can get a complete CSAT manual, such as the one published in Tata McGraw hill. You can also join CSAT crash courses that last 30 days at EDEN IAS coaching.

Candidates who have difficulty with the CSAT paper need to practice for at least one hour each day. This can be reduced to weekly 3–4-hour sessions or 1 mock paper per week, depending on your requirements.

You should consider taking a Test Series if you are considered extremely weak in CSAT. A test series is a great way to keep one’s feet on the ground and familiarize yourself with the CSAT topics and patterns.

In qualifying papers such as the CSAT, you should focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. To avoid missing out on simple questions, you should get a basic knowledge of any subject you are unfamiliar with.

It is not a good idea to spend too much time on a paper that is just qualifying. So, consider how long you will be spending on CSAT and where to find the best UPSC coaching in Delhi.

Section-wise Basis strategy:


Reading editorials, columns, and other articles is a great way to improve your comprehension skills. Pay more attention. Don’t rush to finish them. Take your time to read the summary.

You can improve your vocabulary by reading newspapers such as The Hindu or The Indian Express.

Logical reasoning, analytical ability:

The first thing you should do is find out which part of the reasoning will be asked on the CSAT paper. Next, practice and practice to prepare this part. It will be easier to pass the exam hall if you practice more types and patterns.

Basic Numeracy| Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

This section doesn’t have a lot of weightage (7-10% question). Aspirants can use any standard book to practice this section.

EdenIAS Provides Best in class Civil Services Coaching in Delhi NCR. They have Specialist Academic Faculties for each subject and Best Management. Everyone in Eden IAS is very kind and supportive. They will always try to help you by providing all the required materials and lectures if you miss any class.

The Daily Homework and STEPS is another important part of the coaching. Lakshya and Utkarsh are their famous graduates and undergraduates (12th pass out) specialized program, please check out that too.

They get evaluated Copies within one or two days which helps us to work on our weak points and improves our answer writing skills on a daily basis.

Daily interaction with the faculty to clear our doubts is yet another plus point of the coaching. Overall, my experience has been great here.

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