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New Year Party in Bengaluru

Where are you planning to yell those three magical words… ‘Happy New Year’? With a new year comes a new chapter of your life filled with lessons and new memories to unwind. Celebrate the year’s last day with a banger or wave it a peaceful goodbye. Bengaluru is here to celebrate every minute of it with you.

All those planning their new year’s to be lit and hip, tie an extra knot on your shoes for the upcoming night of dancing and partying. With all the large institutes and growing start-ups, Bengaluru consists of diverse youth belonging to various cities in India. Several pubs and clubs offer  a lit vibe, amazing food and smooth drinks making it the best way to start your new year. These venues understand your need to have a good time and are here for it! 

Party Mood

First Off is Hard Rock Café. Like the name suggests, this place goes hard on the new years. New year or not, Hard Rock Café seems consistent in offering a hip, colourful, trendy night to its people. Grab your glasses and masks, the café organizes a theme party, live music and entertainment every year. You deserve to let your hair down! It’s time to stack all your sorrows and hardships into a bundle and wave them goodbye as you end the year with a banger!

In addition to hip and lit nights, bring your family to Comfort INN insys Hotel. The chic elegant hotel is arranging a new year’s party for all the Bangaloreans. This is an absolute place to celebrate the new years with your family. The unlimited food and ‘not-so-loud’ music is convenient and doesn’t cause any obstacles for the older generation that will make their new year’s intolerable. Don’t be shy to dress up and have  quality time with your family!

Celebrating Solitude in Nature

For those celebrating new years far from home, don’t worry. If you are an introvert and find happiness in solitude and nature, Nettigere, Bengaluru is waiting for you. The new year’s party shall take place among the woods under a starry night and in nature’s embrace. The only thing that will be ‘lit’ here will be the bonfire where you will be having jam sessions, deep talks and admiring nature. There will be food and music so don’t forget to bring yourself to this unique venue for a new year to remember. You can also explore the alternative of camping near Nandi Hills, Anthargange, Devnarayani, Savandurga where you can not only watch the last sunset of the year but also the first sunrise of the new year. 

Homely New Year

For homebodies who are choosing to stay home and celebrate, reward yourself with the finest wine of Bengaluru. Visit some of the top wineries around Bengaluru; Heritage Sula, Big Banyan Vineyard, Soma Vineyard and many more. Spend the day sipping wines and stomping on grapes. At the end of the day, bring yourself home your favourite wine, blast your favourite playlist and munch on cheese as you end the year. 

Share Your Happiness

The new year is not complete unless everyone feels special. Feel special with others on new years in the orphanages and old age homes. Spend the day with them, play games, paint, talk, tell stories and cut the cake as the day ends. 

The One With The Wild Furries

This time, enter the new year with a style. Book a room for yourself or with your friends at Bannerghatta national park in Bheemeshwari or Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura. Celebrate a brand new year with the floras, faunas, and the wildlife. Let the early morning safari rides be the first thing you accomplish on the first day of a new year. Ending your last day of the year with an adrenaline rush is top tier New Year’s energy. 

New Year, New Place

And lastly, for people who are celebrating alone, we are here for you. After spending the whole year striving to be the best in your job, it is time you reward yourself by ordering your favourite dish or taking yourself out on a trip. Drive off to Mysore, Coorg or anywhere and wake up in a city on a new year. Start your day off by exploring a new city/town/village, a totally new routine from ‘home-office-home’. Show your eyes the beauty and art of the place, new people, new cuisine and new you. 

💡 Tip – Don’t drink and drive. Stop others from doing the same. Drink responsibly. 

People from all over the world have had a few tough years. It is recommended to maintain safety precautions while having a good time.  

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