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Most Popular Yet Unusual Places for Surfing in India

Surfing in India may not be very popular, but there are definitely several places where aspiring people can surf. Among these spots so unusual, they’d never have even crossed your mind!

In recent times, with the lockdown being lifted and things slowly coming back to the old normal, people are going out more often, on longer vacations, to stay away from their homes for a while.

Read on to find out about these unusual, yet popular surfing places in India.

Jagannatha Puri

Jagannatha Puri is a place well reputed for housing the tallest temple in India, the Jagannatha Temple, built in the 12th century CE by the Ganga dynasty king, Anantavarman Chodaganga. Today, you can see devotees gathering here to pray every day.

It is a place of religious worship near a beach along the Bay of Bengal. So, who would think of surfing here? Right? But there is actually a lot of scope for surfing here, with the challenges of strong currents blowing through constantly. It is the best spot for wave surfing in India.

Located in: Jagannath Puri is located in Orissa or Odisha, a state in the eastern part of the Deccan Plateau in India.

Reaching Jagannath Puri by air: The airport nearest to Jagannath Puri is the Biju Patnail Airport, which is located in Bhubaneswar, the state capital, almost 60 kilometers away. The airport provides operations of major Indian airlines here and regular flights from New Delhi, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai are operated.

Reaching Jagannath Puri by train: Jagannath Puri is the also accessible by train. When you travel on the East Coast Railway, it is the last stop. Other superfast expresses are also connected from here to major cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Okha, Ahmedabad, and Tirupati. There are also direct trains, such as Kolkata (Howrah) Puri Express, Jagannath Express, and New Delhi Purushottam Express.

Reaching Jagannath Puri by road: The nearest bus stand to Jagannath Puri is near the Gundicha Temple. It provides a direct connection from Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack. Bhubaneshwar is 50 km away, Jamshedpur is 335 km away, and Vishakapatnam is 355 km away.


Varkala, a little seaside town in Kerala could look like an optimal destination for tourists, with its flawless sea shores and clifftops. The ocean mirrors the reasonable blue skies and, if you are fortunate, you might even spot a dolphin or two. Be that as it may, for the surfers who accumulate here from across the world, this serene area is where all the activity is.

From proficient surfers, who meander across the globe looking for provoking grows, to amateurs who are careful of the ocean, Varkala are now being considered as a part of the surfing spots in the country.  It is one of the best places to surf in India.

Located in: Varkala is located in the western coast of India, in the state of Karnataka.

Reaching Varkala by air: The airport nearest to Varkala is the Thiruvananthapuram Airport, which is 55 km away. You can reach Varkala from here by car. This airport is not only domestically accessible, but also accessible to international flights, so you can catch flights to TRV from PHL.

Reaching Varkala by train: The Varkala Sivagiri Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Varkala. It is connected to all major cities via regular inter-city trains.

Reaching Varkala by road: You can take a ride on the road to Varkala via Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi by taking the National Highway 47.

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Dwarka is the archetypal experience of the Arabian Sea. You will discover probably the clearest water along the Indian shoreline. The town is extremely archaic and is said to have existed for beyond 5,000 years. Portions of the old city are presently lowered underneath ocean level and should be visible while scuba diving.

Popular for its temple dedicated to Krishna, Dwarka gets a few million travelers every year. It is said that Krishna, one of the ten avatars of Vishnu, a Hindu god, was born here.

Hence, it is a surprise that some people come here for surfing.

Well, it shouldn’t be, since, again, there is a sea shore here (along the Arabian Sea) and thus, a lot of scope for the activity in question. Dwarka offers a great surfing experience for adventure lovers. It is one of the best surfing destinations in India!

Located in: Dwarka is located on the western coast of India, in the state of Gujarat, along the Arabian Sea, on the Okhamandal Peninsula.

Reaching Dwarka by air: The airport nearest to Gokarna is the Dabolim Airport in Goa, which is 140 km away. You can reach Gokarna from here by car. This airport is not only domestically accessible, but also accessible to international flights. Book your flights from USA to Goa with Indian Eagle.

Reaching Dwarka by train: Gokarna is also accessible by train. It is well connected with Margao, though not every train necessarily stop here. The railway station nearest to Gokarna is in Ankola, about 20 km away. You can go the rest of the way by car.

Reaching Dwarka by road: By bus, Gokarna is easily accessible from such places as Madgaon, Mangalore, Dabolim, and Bangalore, by the KSRTC service.

These are some of the most unusual places for surfing in India.

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