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Method of Vasisthasana, Benefits Precautions

Vasisthasana is an ancient yoga posture, which completely relies on the balance of one hand. In this yoga posture, balance is created by putting the weight of the body on the palm of one hand and one part of the sole of the foot. Vasisthasana not only strengthens the muscles of the body, but it also improves mental health a lot. This yoga pose is named after the great guru of ancient times, Vashistha and is known as “Side Plank Pose” in English.

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Benefits of Side plank pose:

If Vasisthasana yoga posture is done with the right technique and taking care of special things, then many health benefits can be given from it –

1. Vasisthasana strengthens the wrists of the hands

During Vasisthasana, half the weight of the body falls on one hand, due to which the muscles of the wrist and biceps start getting stronger.

2. Vasisthasana strengthens the abdominal muscles

During Vasisthasana, the abdominal muscles get stretched, due to which they start getting stronger. Vasisthasana can also be very beneficial for reducing belly fat.

3.Vasisthasana improves the balance of the body

Vasisthasana teaches practitioners to balance the body on one hand and foot. By practising this yoga regularly and with the right technique, physical balance can also be greatly improved.

4.Make Vasisthasana Stabilise Mental Health

Vasisthasana is also a very beneficial yoga posture to improve mental health. With its help, symptoms like frequent anxiety and stress can be relieved.

However, the health benefits to be gained from Vasisthasana completely depend on the method of yoga asanas and your health condition.

Steps to do Side plank pose:

If you are going to practice Vasisthasana for the first time, then following steps may help you to make this yoga posture –

  • First of all, lay a mat on a flat ground and sit on it in Dandasana posture.
  • Place the left hand on the ground and slowly start putting body weight on it
  • After this, place the right foot on the left foot and like taking a turn, turn the body slightly to the left.
  • Slowly start putting the weight of the body on the palm and keep the balance
  • You can place one left knee on the ground for help and then slowly lift it.
  • After this, make the neck, waist and legs in a straight line and raise the left hand upwards.

You can do this yoga kriya for the duration as per your capacity and then gradually come back to normal state, if you have any question related to this contact a good yoga instructor.

Precautions during Side plank pose:

Vasisthasana practice is usually done under the supervision of a yoga instructor and during this it is necessary to take the following precautions –

  • First of all do warm-up and stretching exercises
  • Do not eat or drink anything just before starting yoga
  • Do not do any action by force or let there be any shock in the body
  • During this, keep full focus on the yoga posture only.

When not to do Side plank pose:

There are some health conditions during which a doctor’s permission should be taken before practising Vasisthasana –

  • pain in the spine or any other part of the body
  • swelling or bruising in any part of the body
  • menstruation or pregnancy
  • heart disease or respiratory disease
  • having trouble balancing

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