Mafia City Tips & Tricks for Beginners

MAFIA CITY is an Android game with a date of release as of the 30th day of March 2017 on YottaGames. Game type: Strategy. In this article, we reviewed the most powerful Mafia City Tips and Tricks that we received from TOP gamers, game developers ‘ ‘answers to gamers’ questions, tutorials for beginners on the official website, and our strategies for winning the game.

Create multiple Farming Accounts

There will be a need for a large number of resources in order to grow your business, and it is almost impossible to accumulate these many resources on one account. You will require farming accounts – each account is unique for each item in the game. We suggest beginning with three examples one of which is the primary account, the other is for farming goods and the final one is for cash from farming. You can also create multiple Auto farming accounts with Mafia City Bot. In the farm account for cargo such as the one above, you should research only the skills that pertain to cargo, and avoid wasting your time or resources on any other thing. Both accounts feed your main account, and you’ll focus on boosting your military strength in the primary account.

Complete the daily contract tasks

It is a Mafia City game that gives you numerous tasks to complete every day. Some of them are simple to do: by helping fellow players or using resources, you are able to complete these tasks. This is highly recommended since you earn points for each completed task. These points can be employed to gain access to loot boxes. It is possible to open your first Crate after you’ve collected 30 points. Logging into the game will grant you 5 points, which means this is more straightforward than you imagine. Make sure to check your daily contracts regularly and remember to open your crates of loot.

You can play the “Babe Game”

Like every other mafia boss, the majority of your staff is comprised of gorgeous, attractive women. As we have mentioned in our article, these girls possess different talents Some increase the amount of cash you earn, while others offer defense bonuses, and so on. They just reside in our mansion and offer you bonuses as a reward. But do you know how to enhance their abilities and discover new ones? Yes, there is. You can play the game with a baby.

What is Happy Poker?

When you start on the Wheel of Fortune you have the chance to play an exciting game. With Happy Poker, you can receive a maximum of 9 reward items. The rewards you can earn include resources energy items, acceleration items, Leader experience gold, and so on. When you start Happy Poker will display 9 cards. Clicking the button “Shuffle” these cards are going to automatically be shuffled and then flipped. When you click on the card and then spend just a few chips, you’ll receive the same reward. Consumption of Chips Turning Card.

  • First: free
  •  Second: 1 advanced feature
  • Third: 2 advanced chips
  • Fourth: 4 advanced chips
  •  Fifth: 8 advanced chips
  • Sixth: 16 advanced chips
  • Seventh: 32 advanced chips
  • Eighth: 64 advanced chips
  • Ninth: 128 advanced chips.

What are the causes of an increase in reward? When playing Happy Poker, there is one specific type of reward – an increase in rewards. The reward you receive after an increase in the amount will be increased. Reward increases can be multiplied, not added. Remember that rewards increase is only applicable during this round of happy poker.

Utilize Your Gold to Purchase VIP Time

The most valuable currency is available in mafia city. Mafia City game and the primary method to get gold is by purchasing it with real money. It is possible to get some gold at no cost, as a reward for your game activities. Instead of using it for girls, use it to upgrade your VIP status or purchase time. VIP players have a bigger advantage in everything they do – they accumulate more resources over a shorter period of time and gain points on everything. It’s possible to get the same benefit The free gold can be enough to play mafia city. Mafia City game as a VIP player.

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