Know everything about mail x-ray scanners and why they are integral?

The mailroom x-ray scanners work as the primary and major defence for an efficient security screening. Mail & parcel scanners are perfect x-ray security scanners that ensure every mail, parcel and little packages that go via this machine do not have any harmful items which are forbidden. In this era, mail-borne threats have become the issues people are facing. The necessity of a mail x-ray security scanner is vital to prevent any bad situation.

What are mail x-ray security scanner machines?

With the help of colour recognition systems, the operators can easily & quickly detect any foreign or forbidden item. These mail x-ray security scanners provide flexibility and are portable. These are even perfect for narrow spaces.

What are the most common threats to mailrooms that need scanning?

Threats always come in different forms. Have a glance at some of the categories that can have potential threatening mail:

>Contrabands – First one is contrabands that include weapons, drugs, alcohol, certain banned foods, fake identity cards or some other illegal items. These are the common kind of packages that are highly suspicious and their contents are not directly harmful but can pose a threat if improperly used.

> Explosives – The second one are explosives and they include – liquids/plastic/crystals that are fulminated through remote signals, timers or some kind of manual switches. These items can be of weird weight and shapes with a buzzing sound.

> Harmful chemicals – Third one to mention are chemicals which include – solids, vapours, liquids or aerosols that can cause blood poisoning, choking, skin or nerve damage and so on to the recipients.

They can cause injuries (even in small amounts).

> Biohazards-  They are some harmful materials that are used for spreading some contagious diseases and cause immediate harm to people

> Radioactive materials – Last but not least are radioactive materials that are sometimes dispersed through explosives and cause severe radiation poisoning and several other ailments. These are easy to hide inside parcels or envelopes to cause poisoning. For biohazards, you will require dedicated equipment for detection.

What are different kinds of mail x-ray scanner machines?

The commercial x-ray security scanners usually come in major three forms solely for offering security:

a) Conveyor x-ray security scanner

The conveyor x-ray package security scanners are best to handle higher volumes of items (because of the mechanism of the conveyor) & bulkier objects (because of their huge average size). These scanners take quite a lot of space.

b) Cabinet type of x-ray security scanner

The cabinet type of x-ray security scanners stands vertically unlike the horizontal conveyor scanners. The cabinet scanner does not take much space and usually operates safely.

c) Handheld x-ray security scanners

Due to the advancement of technology, portable or handheld parcel x-ray security scanners have come into existence. By using the technology of backscatter that produces images based on radiation’s measurement reflected from the item’s surfaces through x-rays. These scanners are efficient in screening mails & parcels that are cumbersome in shape or are deemed as dangerous.

How to select the right mail X-ray security scanner for your requirements?

Numerous factors are there to consider while selecting the correct kind of equipment to secure items in the mailroom. Some of them are:

a) Which kind of threats do you face?

It depends on your industry or clients. So you need to select the right mail x-ray security scanner machine for detecting the type of threat that you may encounter.

b) How large are the items you usually process?

At first, you need to think about the biggest size on an average of the mails or parcels then select the correct one for accommodating the scanner.

c) How much mail to process in a day?

For all of us, time is a vital factor. Some of the mail x-ray scanners are excellent to scan huge loads of mail in a short period while few others have big trouble in scanning higher volumes of mail, so it depends on that

Modern technology has taken every bit of communication and transportation of messages but still, every modern business or organisation depends on mail and parcels. For maintaining the safety of the mail department as well as the recipient, x-ray security scanners are extremely important.


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