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Keep Your Business Rodent-Free This Summer

Rodents pose a significant threat to the food supply, public health, and even the structural safety of buildings, which many people overlook. As the temperature rises, rodents will become more active.

In their pursuit of food and refuge, rats have been known to nibble through plastic, wood, aluminium, brick, cement, and even lead. They have the ability to squeeze through tiny gaps, climb cables and rugged surfaces, swim long distances, and tread water for days. They aren’t easily intimidated.

Keeping your property liberated from these critters by searching “commercial pest control services near me” would be the easiest way. As professionals can’t only get rid of rodents but they can keep them away for good.

How Do Mice Get Into My Structure?

Mice are extremely agile creatures, capable of leaping considerable distances and climbing practically any surface. Furthermore, little mice can squeeze through openings as narrow as 14 inches. A mouse, or rat, can come into your office in a variety of ways.

Food Pallets

Food pallets are another way mice get into your business, especially if your office is connected to a warehouse. If rats or mice infest a food processing facility, the infestation can swiftly spread to adjacent areas.

A mouse will undoubtedly investigate the surroundings of the new location to which they have travelled. Mice only require housing, a small amount of food, and water to survive, yet they can multiply in a matter of months. The more food we transport from one location to another, the more mice will sneak in unobserved.

Mouse Highways

Mice can enter your workplace via connections between buildings, such as water pipes, cables, and other underground systems. Rats and mice can easily migrate between different buildings as a result of this. Rats and mice are finding it simpler to explore new territory in search of food and a place to live as more buildings are created every day, each sharing the same pipes and wires, and this might be your office.

Once inside, mice can use the ‘mouse highways’ we’ve built to get around: cable risers, fake ceilings, false floors, wall partitions, and lift shafts — easy methods to traverse longer distances in their search for food.

Keeping them out of buildings is critical for facilities management teams to protect people who live and work within. Exclusion — the use of physical barriers to prevent rodents from entering a facility in the first place — is the safest and most effective strategy in the fight against rodents, according to pest management specialists around the world. It’s already too late once they’re inside.

That’s why it’s smart to enlist a professional rat control who can provide expert commercial pest control services in crisis situations. You can also sign a long-term contract with them in order to keep your property inspected by them routinely.

When you will invite a professional they will:

  • Place all trash in solid canisters and store them away from the structure.
  • Make that all of the windows, screens, and panes, as well as the window wells, are in good working order.
  • Look for cracks, gaps, or holes in the foundation – a mouse can fit into a spot the size of a dime, while a rat can fit into one the size of a quarter.
  • Make sure there are no gaps in the roofline. Ascertain that all shingles, ventilators, chimneys, and vent screens are in good working order. Also, check if the chimney top is secure if your commercial property has a chimney.
  • Examine all openings where water, gas, or electric or cable wire enters the structure. Vents in dryers and exhaust vents are also common targets. Remember that ground-level entrance sites aren’t the only ones at risk; most rats can easily scale siding, cables, and branches.
  • The best commercial pest control expert will ensure all doors, door frames, and garage doors are properly sealed. One of the most common rat access points is damaged or missing door sweeps.
  • Rodent infestations are common at loading docks. From the top of the loading dock door to the little vertical gap on each side to the gap caused by the dock leveller and the often-overlooked opening surrounding the pull chain, carefully seal every gap surrounding the many working parts.

Now just because you have enlisted a professional doesn’t mean you can lack off by giving the full responsibility to the experts. You can increase the prevention measures by educating yourself and your employees to follow some common guidance. Such as:

Don’t Eat At Your Desk

This is a great trick for avoiding rodent infestation and mouse removal cost. It’s an open invitation to mice to eat at your workstation. A hungry mouse will feast on any crumbs or leftover food you leave on your desk. If you do decide to eat at your desk, be sure to clean up any crumbs and discard any discarded packaging or undesired food.

It’s a good idea to speak with your office complex’s landlord about having the outdoor dumpsters put far enough away from the building to prevent mice from getting inside. If you fix the cleaning routine for the night to get rid of all the mess at night, any kind of pest infestation would be avoided as they commonly search for food at night.

Cleaning Up

Mice are superb scavengers, and although they don’t require a lot of food to survive, they won’t turn down a free meal. That’s why dirty plates are enough for a mouse’s meal. With little effort, you can get free food. Keeping all of your dishes, mugs, and cups clean at the end of the day is an easy approach to keeping mice out of your office.

Empty Garbage Cans

Garbage cans are a fantastic source of food for mice and rats. They aren’t picky eaters (most of the time) and will happily eat from a garbage can. Make sure the canisters are empty at the end of the day.

At the end of the day, you would still need to enlist a professional to get rid of mice from your commercial building. So make sure that you do so.

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