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Kedarkantha Trek: The Best Trek to do in Life


The number of individuals who are experiencing the world of winter trekking, or snow trekking as some prefer to call it, is rapidly increasing, despite the fact that hiking is traditionally considered as a summer sport. It is the Kedarkantha journey that comes to mind when one thinks of winter treks. It has quickly become a firm favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. For starters, here’s some background information about this beautiful region of the Himalayas:

About Kedarkantha

  • Uttarakhand’s Western Garhwal region is home to the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located inside the district of Uttarkashi.
  • With an elevation of 3,810 meters (about 12,500 feet), this trekking track covers a total distance of 20 kilometers through compacted terrain.
  • This region is best visited during the winter months. These are from November to February, with the last snow remaining until April in some areas (November to February).

Approximately 220 kilometers from Sankri, the trek’s beginning point. It lies the nearest large city, Dehradun, which is approximately 220 kilometers away. Apart from that, Dehradun is home to the nearest railway station, which is conveniently placed in the city’s center. The nearest airport, which is located approximately 22 kilometers southeast of the city.

The Trek

A charming tiny town in the foothills at an elevation of 6,400 feet, Sankri serves as the starting point for the Kedarkantha trek. On the way up to Jadu Ka Talab, which is around 9,100 feet in elevation and takes approximately 5 hours on foot from Sankri, one comes to their first significant halt. This initial section provides a glimpse of the breathtaking scenery that awaits the trekkers further along the trail. Along the trail are beautiful meadows and streams, as well as the exquisite pine forests and maple trees for which Kedarkantha is renowned. There are no facilities at Jadu Ka Talab, so you’ll have to make do with a sleeping bag and a pillow until you reach the next campsite the next day.


The climb to Kedarkantha base, which is at an elevation of 11,250 feet and a distance of 4.5 kilometres, is the next step. You’ll get your first taste of the sumptuous and stunning 360-degree views of snow-capped summits all around you as you go down this section. Camping at Kedarkantha base is one of the most gorgeous campsites on any Indian trail. It is a great place to set up your tent, cook some Maggi, and get a good night’s sleep after a long day on the trail.

The next and final objective is the Kedarkantha mountain, which is located at an elevation of 12,500 feet. It is the highest point on the trek. This section is the only part of the walk that is relatively difficult. However, even this can be completed with ease if you are in reasonable physical condition. Aside from that, the vistas you will encounter throughout the climb. Eventually at the summit are unrivaled in their beauty and splendor. Trekkers find the experience of trekking in the Himalayas to be extremely gratifying.

After reaching the summit, it’s time to make the journey back to the starting point, which is Horegaon Camp. It provides another enticing camping experience and can be used as a stopover for the night. The following day, you can return directly to Sankri. Passing through the dense pine trees that captured your heart when you first set out on this adventure.

Trekking Tips on the Kedarkantha Trail

In order to successfully complete this incredible expedition, there are various considerations that must be made. The overall number of days required to travel to and from Dehradun for this journey should be approximately 6 days. However, you may always tailor the route to meet your own needs and tastes.

Despite the fact that the walk is not extremely difficult or demanding, having a reasonable degree of physical fitness is always a benefit. When you reach the summit, the altitude increases significantly, so be sure to dress appropriately. A reasonable amount of water is always a safe bet, and it’s also a good trekking habit to get into.

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