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Jaisalmer – The Desert City’s Best Camping Sites

Jaisalmer is situated in the Thar Desert. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan’s golden city, is among the top locations to go desert trekking. The Thar Desert is unquestionably one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Jaisalmer area, and visitors to this golden city rarely leave without seeing it. These days, there are a plethora of possibilities for camping in the desert. The Thar desert has it all, from simple tents to amazingly luxurious desert lodges.

Rajputana Desert Camp

Among the greatest camping sites in Jaisalmer, as well as the most popular camping spot. It is one of the best places in Jaisalmer for a memorable camping experience. They have such a total of 35 tents, a staging ground where only professional dancers and musicians play for their visitors, and because the campground is near to the Sam dunes (200 m), they even provide camel safaris straight from their huts. Camel Safaris begin in the tent, so you won’t be worried about hiking in the scorching sun to the meeting site. There are adventurous activities available that may be scheduled and compensated for on the scene.

The Serai Camp

The Serai Camp is the place to go if you want to have a very deluxe outdoor experience. The resort is stretched out all across 30 acres in the Thar desert and has 21 large tents. Each tent is more than thousand square feet and has a sheltered seating arrangement, an outside resting area, a large bedroom, and a luxurious bathroom. You will also have your own private garden with a swimming pool if you get one of the Premium Tents. 

Damodara Desert Camp

Damodara Desert Camp is a unique new camping destination in Jaisalmer that features modest deluxe camping. damodara only has eleven Swiss tents. This camp was first officially opened in 2011. It is noticeably quieter than the other campers in the region. The campground is carefully crafted and adorned with ancient artifacts to give it a traditional rural feel. All of the employees are local villagers. Folklore motifs also incorporate traditional dance and puppet presentations, separating it from DJs and loud music. The tents, along with the restrooms, are in good condition. Coolers and warmers are provided in the tents. After camping in a tent for an overnight, you’ll be astonished at how comfy it is! 

Winds Desert Camp

It is among the most cost-effective camps. The campgrounds are located 43 kilometres from Jaisalmer Airport. There are 20 tents at the campground. Even if most of these shelters do not have air conditioning, they do feature light fixtures to provide oxygenation. There are additional amenities for interior and exterior leisure games. As a result, it’s an ideal location for a family holiday. 

Rawla Desert Camp

Because it is located in a rural section of Sam, Rawla desert campsite is located further away from some of the other camps. This is ideal for visitors who want to get connected to nature while in the desert. This camp is preferred by visitors who would like to enjoy their vacation alone, close to nature, and distant from the crowds. There are two types of accommodations accessible: Swiss-style tents and mud cabins. 

Pal Rajah Resort

Pal Rajah Resort is a charming and intimate sandy campsite with just three wooden shacks and eight luxurious tents, nestled between farm production and a dune with a gorgeous sunsets view. It is connected to Jaisalmer’s well-known Hotel Fifu. The personnel is quite warm and polite, and they deliver prompt, courteous service. 

Guests can also go on jeep excursions to nearby settlements and camp out in the dunes under the stars, in addition to camel safaris. Because it is located away from the central highway and there are no other campers around, the camp is ideal for a peaceful personalized service.

Oasis Camp

Oasis Camp, arguably the most budget-friendly camp in Jaisalmer, is located in the centre highway just across from the Sam Sand Dunes. It’s perfect for folks who wish to remain active without spending too much money. The shelters are hygienic and have adjoining contemporary restrooms, however hot water is just provided for a short amount of time in the mornings, and there is no shower, so you’ll have to take a buckets shower. This camp is accessible all year, unlike many others that shut during the off-season. 

The campgrounds listed above are just a sample of what’s available. There are dozens of other campgrounds that are just as wonderful and will meet your requirements. If you like this post, you might be interested in learning more about India’s visitor attractions.

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