iPhone X: Is it really leggy?

There has been a lot of buzz about Apple’s iPhone X since its release last week. The phone has been referred to as everything from the most advanced smartphone ever manufactured to the future of our cell phones to a leggy phone. (Google it). It was only natural that we would look at the newest member of the iPhone family with an impartial eye and ask, is this thing leggy? It’s either that or a passing craze. The results may surprise you! …

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The iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

As Apple’s newest flagship phone, the iPhone X is both larger and more expensive than previous models. In addition to being one of Samsung’s newest and priciest phones, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is one of the company’s largest and most powerful devices. Which one is better? The iPhone X is slightly larger than the Galaxy S8 Plus in terms of physical dimensions. However, the Galaxy S8 Plus costs $120 less. Which one, then, should you purchase?

Look At The Whole Picture

The new iPhone X comes with a slew of innovative features that set it apart from competing smartphones. As a result, there will be a variety of opinions. According to some people, it’s overpriced, while others claim that the battery life is terrible. In the end, what do we have here? Look a little closer. As a starting point, the price may be a deterrent to some prospective purchasers. However, when considering the purchase as a long-term investment with the potential for resale value, it makes sense. With the option to pay upfront (or in installments) for your phone, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the course of the two-year contract period. All batteries degrade with time; this should be taken into account when comparing battery life between different devices. Finally, here it is: the most feature-rich smartphone Apple has ever produced, complete with a slew of useful apps! What are your thoughts?

Bigger isn’t always better

Though it’s bigger than prior versions, does it mean the iPhone X is better? Yes, according to some, but not everyone is on the same page; The phone’s larger size is a nuisance, and the price is higher than ever before. It has also been reported that battery life is not up to par with the company’s claims. So, does the iPhone X live up to the hype? You have the last say. If the camera lens is as crisp as previous versions, you won’t need a professional photographer to shoot good images on this phone, according to several users. For others, the colors are just what they’re looking for in their photo.

This design does not work well for everyone because the sides of the phone are too slippery for certain people. While holding your phone while taking a selfie or video, your hand may slide off and you won’t even know it.

Choose an earlier model or an entirely different company’s phone if you want an iPhone with fewer problems and hassles.

A Narrower Screen Makes the Phone Easier to Use

The screen of the iPhone X is one of the most noticeable modifications in the new model. Despite the fact that the iPhone X boasts a 5.8-inch screen, it is substantially smaller than that of the iPhone 8 Plus. Don’t be fooled, the iPhone X’s screen is larger than the iPhone 8’s 5.5-inch display. iPhone X apps will look better because of the phone’s reduced size, making it easier to use with one hand.

iPhone X is Much Taller Than Other Phones

Apple’s iPhone X is the company’s tallest phone to date. The iPhone is an inch and a half taller than the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8. Even the tallest phone on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S8, is only a quarter-inch shorter than the iPhone X. Because of this if you’re looking for a tall phone, the iPhone X is your best bet. Of course, a phone this large comes with its share of compromises. To begin with, using only your thumb to get to the very top of the screen can be a challenge. In addition, the phone’s increased height can make it feel clumsier in the hand.

Why The iPhone X Wins In The Battle of Legs

The iPhone has always been a fantastic phone, but the new iPhone X takes it to a whole new level. It has a brilliant OLED screen, a fast processor, and a beautiful design. Then there’s the camera, which is the best on the market. However, the battery life sets it apart from the competition. The iPhone has a battery life of up to 21 hours of conversation time, 12 hours of internet browsing, and 13 hours of movie playback.


The iPhone X has a stunning look and a plethora of useful capabilities. In any case, does it appear to be leggy? My investigation has led me to this conclusion. However, some users claim that the sound quality of the iPhone  falls short of other phones in its pricing range, while others claim that it is superior to other phones in this price range. The iPhone x’s screen has received some mixed reviews, with some users complaining that it lacks the clarity of comparable panels they’ve seen.

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