Hublot Replica:Experience Aboard The Imoca 60

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to board an IMOCA to feel the power of such an offshore racing yacht in the company of skipper Alan Roura.

This Swiss sailor supported by the Hublot Replica manufacture is preparing for the 2024 edition of the Everest of the Seas,the tenth edition of the mythical Vendée-Globe,the race around the world alone.

Meeting aboard his sailboat!

The proposal made by Hublot Replica to board was all the more unique as all the conditions–including weather–came together to offer the invited partners a speed experience aboard one of the best,if not the best of IMOCA 60 of the moment.

Course at 180

Wetsuit swollen,heartbeat at 150 and transfer from the zodiac to the IIMOCA 60 launched at 15 knots completed in a few seconds…

We’re off for an exceptional sea trip.

Once on board,placed upwind in order to make the most of the sensations,the crew of the day can finally live an unforgettable experience.

In a few seconds,with a confident gesture and a precise eye,Alan Roura puts the sailboat in the wind and unrolls the genoa.

A true thoroughbred,the boat immediately accelerates in a growl made up of the soft whistling of the wind in the sails and the dry squeals born of the redistribution of the stresses in the carbon structures.

With 30 degrees of heel,it is possible by leaning a little on the lifelines of the railing to see the bulb of the yellow canting keel of more than 4 meters long splitting the water.

The port foil is out of the water and the sailboat is on plane to start its race with the wind.

The speed increases to very quickly reach 25 knots in silence.

The experience is unique and only a few sprays of foam remind us that we are at sea at a speed that only motor boats and a few racing multihulls can hope to reach.

 Just in time for the record

All of this is fine,but the adventure on board should also be an opportunity to discover the watch chosen by Alan Roura to accompany him on this adventure.

Ricardo Guadalupe,the CEO of Hublot Replica,a lover of sporting exploits accompanying adventurers so that the experience is total,said on the island of Groix,around noon:”by becoming Alan Roura’s title partner,it is up to the project and to the entire team that the Hublot Manufacture finally gives its name.

Alan,he is the first…the youngest finisher of the Vendée Globe and with his numerous records,he marked the history of Swiss sport.

His determination is that which brings the greats into history.

We understand by listening to him what motivated this brand owner to join this adventure.

And what an adventure:a story of the men and women who make up the team and of advanced technology.

A story that is ultimately quite similar to that of Hublot Replica,a young manufacturer born in 1980,

but always on the crest line,between tradition and innovation,exactly like today’s competitive skippers…

Because of this close parallel no doubt,it seems that the Big Bang that Alan wears on his wrist is totally one with the man and the competitor.

In this symbiosis that perfectly renders the shots taken on site during the experience,the hour is forgotten so that only the experience and the emotion remain.

This is all the magic of watchmaking and intense nautical experiences.

Thanks to Hublot high quality replica watches uk for the Hublot Replica Sailing Team,for the sailing fans and the spirit of adventure!

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