How you can successfully recruit candidates through job boards

When it comes to finding new employees, a job board might be a gold mine of candidates. However, what appears to be a successful venture gradually devolves into a jumbled, stale collection of old resumes that haven’t been looked at in over a year. You spend money sending out interview invitations just to discover that these people haven’t looked at their accounts in far too long, and your invitations are ignored. Even yet, if done correctly, job boards can be effective for recruiting.

You’re not alone if you’ve been hunting for recruits on job boards and finding yourself in a dark pit. Don’t quit up just yet!

Tips for Using Job Boards to Recruit best talent in the market

1. Make proper use of filters

One of the issues with job boards is the large number of applicants. People that want to apply for your job, even if they aren’t qualified, can do so without difficulty. As a result, selecting the appropriate filters is critical. To ensure that you don’t receive resumes that aren’t relevant or qualified for your position, make sure you use filters correctly. Make sure your job application has enough filtering questions so you only get eligible applicants. Some examples of these inquiries are:

  • How many years of relevant experience do you have in a specific job role?
  • The highest educational level 
  • Are you familiar with XYZ?

Once you’ve answered a handful of these questions, your application pool will be drastically reduced. You may still use filters while skimming through resumes if you failed to include filtering questions when creating your job ad. Many employment boards offer filters based on education, job experience, and other factors. You should constantly take advantage of these opportunities.

2. Have a solid job advertisement

The copy in your job ad is crucial. It won’t attract much notice if you just paste a couple pages of text, such as the job description. Not only is it tedious, but job descriptions are frequently complex and difficult to comprehend. Instead of posting the internal job description you were given, create a shorter, more appealing one that people would read. You can also use this as an opportunity to provide some corporate information. Use this to your advantage and include it in the copy if you’re a modern brand catering to millennials. Use the fact that you provide benefits that other organisations do not to your advantage. Remember, these folks are looking for work, but they don’t want to work for a company that they dislike. This should be a genuine recruitment marketing software for your business, and you should approach it as such.

3. Select the appropriate platform

Some job boards are better than others. All employment boards will claim to be the best, but this is not the case. Certain industries, such as sales and technology, are better served by specific job boards. Make your own investigation to determine which platform is best for you. We recommend looking at the amount of similar jobs in your field for each search result. Then conduct some research to discover what conversion rates others have had while recruiting on that site. This information is freely accessible on Google and will prove to be beneficial in the long term.


It is also critical to post the job ad on multiple platforms. You won’t receive as many candidates if you solely use one of the platforms. This is problematic since many of the job applicants will not be those you want to approach and recruit. Keep in mind that the percentage of job board candidates who become employees is relatively low. The greater your ability to diversify, the better.

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