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How To Shop At HomeGoods With Discount (Complete Guide)

You think you know all you need to know about how to shop at HomeGoods? Think again. We asked Christine Lee, the mastermind behind the Instagram accounts @HomeGoodsObsessed and she shared her top tips for shoppers and tricks to get the most value and the most amazing deals at the home décor bargain collection. Find out seven secrets that only the smartest HomeGoods followers are aware of.

Be a Weekday Warrior

What time of the year are you most likely to go to HomeGoods? on a weekend? If you’re able to go, Christine recommends visiting at another time to allow for the convenience and a broad range. “If your schedule allows it, Tuesday through Fridays middays are the best time to shop at HomeGoods,” Christine advises. “Everyone is working, The store itself is very quiet and well-organized. Staff members also release new inventory every day, and the floors and aisles will be filled. Monday is the day to recover (from weekends) and I’m not bothering.”

Treasures Everyday

While Christine mentions her top Mondays to visit the Goods, she’s quick to point out that new items are available each day. “Most stores receive deliveries four times per week, including Monday Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. But don’t anticipate that items will be available immediately. They are distributed in a gradual manner, and new products are introduced every day.” But that if you visited yesterday but couldn’t find the right duvet or platter cover, you may be able to find something today. You should know about HomeGood restocking date and time before go to the shop.  

Know Your Markdowns

“Markdowns occur every three months on a product,” Christine states. If you’ve had your interest in something for some time and are able to remember how long it’s been available it’s easier to gauge the longevity of a product. “Read on the back of each package! It will reveal the month and the year (i.e. 1117 = November 2017).”

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Discount (Even If It’s Already on Clearance)

That is, if the item is just a little damaged. Christine states that “you could expect to receive 10% off on items that are a little damaged, scratch here, scratch there, a ding here, a ding there. If the item is more damaged you can get 20-28% off, however it’s at the management’s decision.” Also, what about those items that are on sale that could have a bit of wear and wear? It’s fine to inquire about them, even though the prices are already decreased. “If you see a clearance item that’s slightly damaged, it doesn’t hurt to ask the manager for an additional discount — they want to get rid of inventory to free up floor space for new items!”

If You Fail to Prepare…

Naturally, some visits to HomeGoods are strictly for fun. Just wandering around to see what they stock, whatever might catch your eye on an afternoon on a Tuesday during lunch. However, according to Christine (and every other power-shopper) you must always have the right information regarding your home’s requirements. “Go prepared,” she declares. “Take photographs of your area and save them to your smartphone. Measure the walls you wish to fill with space, empty spaces, floors. It’s not something you think about doing this before you stumble across that treasure and you begin to think about whether it’s a good idea. Also, bring the tape measure so that you don’t look around to purchase one, or risk somebody else grabbing your ideal piece.”

Don’t Think Too Long

Find something you like but you’re not sure if you want to purchase it immediately? “Just place it in your cart anyway since it’ll likely be gone by the time you decide to go back and get it,” Christine says. Christine. Take a look and, if you get a “no” by checkout, you can return it.

Think Outside Your Local Store

There are a few points to consider here. If you discover something you love at the home HomeGoods and it’s not in good condition or you’re in need of more there’s a good chance that another nearby store may provide what you’re searching for. Although the inventory may be quite different from store to store there are some similar products. Similar to the sister stores, Marshalls as well as TJMaxx. “They typically have a small home furniture section, as well as home décor items such as art, frames, art, vases, etc.,” Christine says. Christine.

Second, HomeGoods doesn’t have an online retailer, however Christine has a option for those who prefer shopping via their WiFi connection: “Check out TJMaxx.com and their “Home” section has tons of extra items like decor, bedding, accessories and small furniture.5 Benefits of Buying a Marble Dining Table Online.

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