How To Save Facebook Video To iPhone Directly?

Read and know how easily you can Save Facebook Video to iPhone!

Do not worry about saving videos to your iPhone from now. We found a very supportive tool called Fdownloader. Save Facebook Video to iPhone is quite simple using this tool. It can open using the Safari browser without installing to the iPhone. It does not matter if you are with whatever iOS version. The tool only works with the browser for it is just based on a web page. Moreover, Save Facebook Video to iPhone is absolutely free with this Online Facebook Video Downloader. It is for both professionals and newbies. The interface of the tool is user-friendly and can easily handle. You only have to make a couple of clicks to complete the download process. Moreover, if there is a format that you wish to convert the file into, Fdownloader can convert it directly when downloading. Let’s go through further facts and get to know how it works. Here we go.

Fdownloader to save Facebook video to iPhone

This is an amazing way to Save Fb Video to iPhone completely without installing it. Your Safari browser or any other browser that is easy for you will deal with the tool. you can use the tool without considering that you are an iPhone user.

Save Facebook Video to iPhone using Fdownloader uses the URL of the video clip. And it downloads the related video smoothly by going through the CDN servers of the platform. Even if you are using an iPad or Mac, you can bring Fdownloader there. The tool was developed and offered by a third-party developer. It has been categorized into online methods. Therefore, the only way to reach the tool is through your web browser. It makes it easier rather than installing an app asking you to find the latest download link and even updates often to bring enhancements and bug fixes. The Online Facebook Video Downloader updates and fixes its errors every so often to offer perfect service.

Moreover, the tool page clarified how to use it for those who visit it for the first time. You can check our step guide and use the tool. But this is only for saving Fb videos. You can simply save images using the direct download option.

We know that there are many TV series videos that you love to watch. So you can download them now to your desktop or iPhone using the Fdownloader. No need to waste mobile data to watch them online. Save them offline and even share them with your friends too.

Is it a safe tool?

We often scroll down Fb and see so many pictures and videos. There is a direct download option for saving pictures. But, for videos, we have to go through some other method. There are some tools for various purposes that are not trustworthy. But, Save Facebook Video to iPhone using Fdownloader can accomplish without any doubt.

We frequently go through online tools that required sign up or record-keeping. But, Fdownloader is not such a complicated place. It never asks us to register. Users can open the tool page and enter the Facebook video link. It will save Facebook Video to iPhone and never record it for any cause.

Guide to Save Facebook Videos

  • Turn on Wi-Fi or connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi
  • Visit your Facebook account using the app or the web browser
  • Now search for the video clip that you are going to download. If you still do not have a specific clip, then use the search bar or the videos section of Facebook and search the topic
  • When the video is there, use the share icon and open the option list
  • Tap the Copy Link option
  • And then go to the Fdownloader page. You can open the browser and search it or if you were using the Fb web version by already opening the browser, simply use another tab and search the tool
  • Do not scroll down the Fdownloader page. Find the download bar and apply the Fb video link
  • Select the download option of the tool and start to Save Facebook Video to iPhone
  • The tool will start its technical performance and bring you a preview of the file that prepared to download
  • Click the Download SD Video button right away and end the process
  • If you want the video in any other format, you can go through the Other Formats option. And after selecting the format, use the Download SD Video button

Facts to remember

  • Follow the same directions even if you will need to Save Facebook Video to Mac or any other device
  • The operating system of the device is not a barrier for Fdownloader to perform on whatever device
  • It does not matter you are using whatever web browser
  • Fdownloader can save Facebook videos for free
  • It saves videos in SD video type. But still, there is another option to request the video in other qualities too
  • The tool can only use by visiting the page of Fdownloader. It cannot install on devices
  • It downloads any size of files but only those are related to Facebook


Save Facebook Video to iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or Mac is not tough any further. Anyone who wants to save interesting clips from Facebook to iPhone can launch the Safari browser and search the Fdownloader page. There you can download hundreds of videos without any trouble. Copy the link of the video and submit it to the tool and Save Facebook Video to iPhone. Unlike tools that we install, online methods like Fdownloader do not depend on operating systems, device models, or whether it is a handset or desktop. Internet access and a workable device are the minimum requirements. And the most important thing is this is the best way to Save Facebook Videos for Free. Do not waste a single $ while you have an amazing free method. Save Facebook Video to iPhone or to any other device using this is smooth and fast. Suggest the Fdownloader page if you have your friends who too like to download videos in such an easy way. 

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