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How To Return To Your Natural Hair Color After Dying

You may have changed your hair color to hide some grays or simply wanted a different color. At some point, you might decide you want to return to your natural hair color. Resetting can be a great option if you are tired of paying salon fees, want to cut down on hair care, need a change in pace or have lost your natural color. You don’t have it all to go. What you do depends on what color you have and what your future goals are. 

It is a good idea to speak with a professional about the hair or to get salon services at home. The experts shared their tips and tricks to help you get rid of your dye and keep your natural hairstyle. It is not possible to go back to your natural hair color immediately after bleaching. However, with patience and a plan it can be done. 

“Ask for advice and work with a professional who understands hair color,” advises a professional colorist. They will ensure that your colorist is familiar with your hair’s history so they can help you make the best transition possible without compromising the integrity of your hair.

It doesn’t matter if you want to go for a shorter haircut, get back to your natural color, or how get shiny, healthy hair while you’re doing it. Here are some tips to help you get your hair back to its natural colors. Explore them below:

#1: Get it out 

Let your roots grow for a few inches before you start to dye your hair. Don’t be afraid to try it. Negative comments on social media are to be ignored. Remember why you are doing this and your hair goals. It will be worth it. 

#2: Get Balayage highlights and lowlights 

Your colorist can add highlights or lowlights to your hair, whether you want blonde, brown, or reddish-brown balayage highlights, or both, depending on what your goal is. The natural color of your roots will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your hair by using hand-painted hues. This is a great way to restore your hair’s natural color with a low-maintenance approach. 

#3: Use high-quality products 

There’s no product or method that will instantly change your hair’s color. If you want to learn how to restore your natural hair color, be patient. You should also ensure that the products you use are of high quality. Otherwise, you might end up waiting longer or worse, causing more damage. Conditioners and shampoos that deposit color can help fade the yellowing and maintain your hair’s health. If you are interested in how to achieve shiny hair, you can find out more about keeping your locks in great condition. 

#4: Root Concealers are a great option for special occasions 

There are many options available to cover roots while you go back to your natural hair color. Root concealers can be used temporarily, but they are very effective and available in many shades. There are red, blonde, and dark shades available. Some brands even offer unicorn colors. Creams, powders, and sprays are the best options for root concealers. These products can be used at home easily and without causing damage. 

#5: Rock Grown Roots because it’s a Trend 

But, at all times, you can be proud of your root growth. You’re on-trend! Drew Barrymore, Ciara, and Beyonce all have grown-out roots. Accepting your reality and loving your roots is the best way to restore your natural hair color. 

#6: Get regular trims 

You don’t have to be stuck when you are growing your hair dyed. Your stylist should still be consulted for regular trimmings. Keep your hair clean, especially if you have over-processed the ends. You’ll notice that time goes faster if you continue to do your normal business and your hair will look great during this transition. 

#7: Re-Dye 

You can also try to find a tone as close to your natural color as possible. This can be the fastest way to dye your hair if you are worried about how long it will take. It’s more of a smoke-and-mirrors method. Although your hair is technically still dyed, the new color will be more natural. This approach has the advantage that the new color will blend in with your natural hair tone if done correctly. As your hair grows out, it will become less noticeable that you have dyed your hair. 

It’s best to seek professional help if you want to restore your natural hair color. This is important because every dye and each natural hair color has its own level and underlying pigments. Mixing them can sometimes lead to unexpected results. You cannot color brown hair without first adding red pigment. This is necessary to prevent the color from turning greenish or muddy.

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