How to Make Custom Shipping Boxes with a Company Logo?

Whenever you think about packaging, the most important feature is a logo. Providing a logo to your custom shipping boxeswill give them an identity as everything needs some identity to be different. Moreover, it leaves a memorable impression on the purchasers.

Additionally, it gives you a favor to carve a unique identity for your brand. You can simply put your logo on custom shipping boxes wholesale despite spending much more on publicity. You can simply print a logo on your box. It will be both useful and economically suitable. Therefore, you just need to follow two steps.

Tactics to Go For the Remarkable Ideas

First, choose your box shape properly. You can get many different sizes and shapes on the market. Choose it wisely according to your product. Design your logo uniquely. Uniqueness will help you to stand out among competitors. Simultaneously, use captivating colors and end your logo with a good resolution. You can also use text or any image to stand out differently.

Many online platforms can help you to design your logo. Adding some lively prints will be a good option also. Similarly, minimal designs will give your logo a decent and elegant look.

Building trust and expanding your professionalism achieved by a logo. Creating a unique logo to stand out among other companies grabs people’s attention. Moreover, a good logo on your custom shipping box informs about your potential to the buyers. It shouts out what kind of service you provide.

custom shipping boxes
custom shipping boxes

Logos Are Imperative For Business Growth

Recognizing a brand is the first step toward marketing. On the other hand, logos are the vitals for brand recognition. Moreover, it creates a memorable impact on customers and increases the aesthetic values of the product.

Thus, it offers you a chance for free marketing. Also, you can advertise the company with zero investment by simply using a logo and tagline. Here are some valuable key points of using the logo on your custom shipping boxes.

  • It provides identity to your brand.
  • Printing logos grab the attention of buyers. Indeed, attention span is decreasing these days. Consequently, companies have only a few seconds to grab attention. Your logo emphasizes the core values of your company. As rightly said, many people judge a company by its appearance.
  • It leaves a stronger impression on the buyers. The more fascinating it looks, the more impressive it will be.
  • Your logo communicates with the people in your place. It talks about your brand giving you an identity.
  • To build a brand, it is important to have a strong base. Your logo acts as a solid foundation for building your brand. It gives you an authoritative feeling about your product.

Moreover, your logo explains what benefits buyers can get from you. But make sure you prefer the simple logo as it allows your customer to recognize you without putting much effort. People always prefer the brands they have tested before and get positive results. However, you can get the customers’ trust with consistent designs and a nice logo.

Marvelous Ideas to Go For a Good Logo

You can leave your brand’s positive or negative influence with the help of packaging. You can give the perception of the well-reputed brand with the help of the unique box design and logo.

 This way, customers will build a positive image of your brand and always trust you. Imagine you make an online purchase and receive the parcel without any company name and logo. You will consider that company ordinary and unprofessional.

Build Ever-Lasting First Impression

Consider your custom shipping box with a custom-designed logo on it. It will create a great impression. After finalizing your logo, the next step is to choose the format.

As there are many kinds of formats. To choose one from existing formats, you should know about the uses of different formats. A suitable format will help you use your logo on every platform. It can be used for business cards or a t-shirt, even on any website. Your logo could be printed or even digitally rendered. Specified formats can compress the images and even save space. Moreover, to specify the file format, you need to read the extension given. Some most common file formats are

  • SVG
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • EPS
  • AI

Al was standing for adobe illustrator. EPS encases encapsulated postscript. PDF gives us a portable document format. SVG provides us with scalable vector graphics.PNG offers a transparent background in portable network graphics. Similarly, JPG, and JPEG serves with joint photographic experts groups.

Hence, choosing the correct format will enhance your logo’s features.


Custom printed boxes with logos printed on them provide an opportunity to expect your business. It also creates a long-lasting impact on your buyers.

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