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How to Import Standard File Format to Outlook with Attachments?

MS Outlook is widely regarded as the email industry’s king. Thousands of individuals use this simple email program on a daily basis. Outlook is well-known for its popularity. So, if you’re seeking a way to convert MSG files to PST, your search is over. This blog will show you how to use CNET Reviewed MSG to PST Converter to import standard file format to Outlook. It is one of the best solutions for converting MSG to PST with attachments available on the digital market.

So, let’s get this party started.

As we all know, the file extensions .msg and.pst is used by Outlook to save email messages. However, in order to manage the information, both of these files are distinct from one another.

Let’s Take a Closer look at Outlook and its File Format.

Outlook is always preferred by users for both personal and business purposes. It has advanced features for safely storing big amounts of data. A single email message in Outlook is saved as a.msg file.

.pst, on the other hand, is another MS Outlook file extension. It saves all of your email components in a single.pst file. Mailbox folders, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, attachments, and more are all stored in the.pst file.

Simple Steps for Using MSG to PST Converter

Using a third-party program to convert MSG to PST is rather simple, rapid, and accurate. MSG to PST Converter is a popular piece of software. It converts MSG to PST with attachments in a secure manner. It provides a precise conversion result. However, this utility offers a number of features that allow users to easily use the application and convert multiple MSG files to PST format.

This is a safe and secure tool that makes converting MSG to PST simple and painless. In Outlook, users can effortlessly convert.msg files to.pst format without losing any data. Throughout the process Moreover, the software ensures data integrity. Let’s get started with the converter’s step-by-step approach.

To Convert Standard File Format to Outlook, Follow the Steps Below.

  • Firstly, Install the MSG to PST Converter software on your Windows PC.
  • Secondly, Install and run the software to convert MSG files to Outlook PST files on your computer.
  • Thirdly, the software gives you two possibilities from which to pick.
  • then, msg documents Select Files or Folders, then click Next.
  • The tool loads the full MSG folder, allowing you to select which folders you want to import.
  • Now, To convert an MS file to PST format, select PST as the saving option and then click Next.
  • To convert multiple MSG files to PST in Outlook, select the Destination location where the resultant PST file will be saved, then click the Convert button.
  • The process of conversion begins.
  • The prompt message “Conversion finished successfully” will appear on the screen after conversion.

The Best MSG to PST Converter Software’s Highlights

Here are a few key benefits:

Batch conversion: This software allows you to convert numerous MSG files to PST at once. While converting, this application saves the user time and effort.

Alternatives for loading MSG files/folders: This software gives customers two options for converting .msg files and folders to the software panel.

Desired Location: This software allows you to specify the location where the resulting PST file should be saved.

Windows Compatibility: The utility is compatible with the Windows operating system and supports all Windows versions, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.

No file size restrictions: There are no file size restrictions. Any size MSG file can be converted to Outlook PST.
Maintain Hierarchy: When converting multiple.msg files to Outlook PST, the software keeps the original structure of the files and folders.

While utilizing the MSG to PST converter, it delivers 100 percent secure and reliable conversion, moving all MSG files and attachments.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Question 1: With the trial version, how many MSG files are converted to Outlook PST?

Ans. The MSG to PST converter software’s trial edition only allows you to export 25 emails.

Question 2: Is it possible to install this software on Windows 10?

Ans. Yes, this application is compatible with every Windows version.

Question 3: Can I use this solution to convert.msg files with attachments in bulk?

Ans. Yes, batch conversion with attachments is supported by the software.

Question 4: Does this software require the installation of any additional applications?

Ans. No, this program does not necessitate the installation of any supported software.


In conclusion, the preceding blog demonstrates how to use MSG to PST Converter to convert the standard file format to Outlook in a few simple steps. We discussed a direct and complete way for converting MSG to Outlook PST. The user can get a trial version of the software to test the utility’s efficiency and functionality. On the other hand, if you have any questions about the .msg to.pst conversion procedure, please contact our technical support staff, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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