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How to draw Squidward

How to draw Squidward

Learn to draw a great ink in the ink of Squarepants SpongeBob with simple and step-bending instructions and a video tutorial. You can now easily create a nice squidward from Squarepants Spongebob Squarepants. The actual query is, who lives in the head of Tikki in the same district in the fictional city of Bikini Bottom?


Squidward is a supportive figure in the Animated Series SpongeBob Squarepants and his associated films. He works as a cashier in the Krusty Krab while dreaming of an artist’s life or a clarinet. Arrogant, bitter, and dissatisfied, Spongebob and Patrick do not notice his hostility to them but consider him a friend. One of the authors of Serie A described squidward as “the most human character” and, therefore, the most assignable.


Did you know? Although his name understands the word “calm,” Squidward only has six arms, not the eight arms and two tentacles (ten) like Calmar. It resembles the octopus, which has six arms and two legs.

Would you like to draw Squidward? This simple tutorial and cartoon drawing ideas step by step are available to show you how.


Drawing Squidward

Step 1:

First, draw a curved line as a secondary letter “C.” It forms the top of Squidward’s head.

Step 2:

Draw an oval in the line of the “C” form. Then use curved lines to add an irregular shape on each side. It forms the large inkfish nose and the laughing mouth.

Step 3:

Draw a curved line in the mouth parallel to the outer line. It distinguishes ink with an open mouth.

Step 4:

Draw two lines in the form of “U” upside down. Connect the ends with curved lines. Draw a partially curved line on the bottom of the mold. It forms the ink meat.

Step 5:

Extend three short lines into the eyelids. Connect them with curved lines below. These forms form EYS de Squidward.

Step 6:

Draw a circle in each eye and enter the pupil. Then draw wavy lines on the top of the head and form the crossed front of Squidward. Further details by drawing small circles and ovals on each side of the lines.

Step 7:

Draw the body of the Squidward. Expand a few lines down your head to form your strait. Sketch curved triangles on each flank of the neck to display the shirt’s collar. Then use curved lines to outline the rectangular body shapes and the shirt sleeves. Roll them into an “S” form to form the ink fishing tentacle. Draw small circles on the palm to display suction cups.

Step 8:

Use curved lines to sketch the Squidward tongue and the upper teeth in the mouth. Enter a rectangular shape to form the remaining shirt. Draw a few curved lines back in an “S” form to form the remaining tentacle, including circular rejections.

Step 9:

Draw the bottom of the squid. Use curved lines to lock the circular stomach. Then expand three curved lines to describe the leg hapts tentacle. Enter the ends of the foot tentacle with curved lines. Draw circular suction cups on the next tentacles.

Step 10:

Ink meat color. It is generally bluish and wears a brown shirt.

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