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How to Download YouTube Video to Phone 2021

YouTube is now a part of our daily life, we are constantly listening to videos or music on YouTube at home, at work, on the road. If there is Wi-Fi, while watching videos in high quality, if there is no Wi-Fi available, we cannot watch videos as freely as we want over mobile data. Sometimes we may need to download a video that we like very much or a video that we will use on our phone. Since there is no such feature on the current YouTube Video application and site, additional programs may be required for this process. Of course, some of us may not want to install programs on our phones. In this, we can provide this process with sites for translation and high-quality video download sites without a program. In this way, we prevent our internet from going constantly while listening to a video clip we like over and over again.

YouTube Video Download to Phone

YouTube platform is used by phone (Android/IOS) more than PC users. When used over the phone, it is generally watched in places with Wi-Fi in order to watch both informative content and music videos in high quality. Of course, sometimes it is more economical to download the video to watch it on long trips or if we are going to watch the same video over and over. Android / IOS users benefit from some applications to download content from YouTube and other video platforms. The most useful of these video apps.

How To Download YouTube Video To Android Phone

Most of the phones in our country and in the world are android based devices. Users are turning to Android phones, both in terms of ease of use, cost, and wide product range.

It can be done easily with free programs on Google Play for downloading videos on Android devices. We can list the most useful video downloader programs as follows.

All Videos Downloader 2019

All Video Downloader 2019, which is a nice program where you can download videos and clips from all social media platforms to your android phone for free, is very simple to use with Turkish language support. It also offers the opportunity to save the videos you have downloaded to your phone’s internal memory or if you are using an SD card. You can download high-quality video (HD) in the application that supports many video formats. It is one of the best video downloader programs with 4.3 likes on Google play and more than 100 million downloads.

Bulletsaver Video Downloader

Corner Gem is a very useful supported program that allows us to download videos on video watching platforms free of charge in the format and quality you want.

Video downloader, which is one of the most popular video programs with more than 100 million downloads, is a program that is highly appreciated by its users with an average of 4.5 votes on Google Play. With its simple and useful interface, you will be satisfied while using it.

Download YouTube Videos to iPhone (iOS)

It is the phone that many users cannot give up due to the speed and security of iPhone phones. It is very difficult to find a free video downloader program on the App Store. Here are two of the easiest to use free and fast video downloader programs that you can use on iPhone and iPad devices.

Best Video Downloader

Best Video Downloader, an effective and easy-to-use application that offers useful video downloading features, including background downloads, pausing and resuming downloads, as well as downloading multiple files, will be indispensable for iPhone users. It is the best video downloader for iPhone and iPad that allows you to apply different effects to videos to make them more attractive. Another notable feature here is the way it allows you to continue downloads even after the app is closed. It also supports a wide variety of video download formats with remarkable video and audio quality. There’s even an integrated video player to view your downloaded files.


This is a very fast video downloader that iPhone users love a lot. iDownloader is a program that you can use to save multiple video files at the same time without using download links or compromising download speed and is an indispensable program with its easy use. The program can also save the video as a video or audio file according to your wishes, and you can use it with different operating programs.

Download YouTube Videos to Phone Without Programs

Although the programs are useful for downloading the videos we like on YouTube and other video watching platforms, sometimes you don’t want to install a program just for a few videos. If you are also concerned about security, you can avoid installing a program. In such a case, I will suggest a few sites for how to download videos without a program. After you paste the link of the video you want to download to these sites, it will be enough to choose the download format and quality.

SaveFrom, which is the site most used by YouTube video downloaders, will allow you to download video or audio files very quickly. You can use the website directly by copying the YouTube link and pasting it in the link section of the website. If you want, add “ss” to the front of the YouTube link you want to download, that is, “www. You can download the video as “ ss”.

This makes it very useful. It offers lots of options that don’t require you to download a feature-heavy app and it’s completely free. That’s why it is one of the best YouTube video downloaders.


Y2mate site is also a nice and fast site that allows you to download videos online without installing any program. The bad part of the site is that there are too many ads, apart from that, it allows us to download your videos in the format or quality you want. Since the site is in Turkish, you can easily do all the operations. All you have to do is paste the video link you want to download into the field on the site and press the start link. On the page that opens, you can select the size, quality, and format of the video and download it. site is a very useful site that is not known by most people but is used to download videos not only on YouTube but also on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. The site also has an app. You can download by pasting the link you want to download in the search section and selecting the quality and format from the options. The downside is that it requires a premium subscription to download 2K and 4K videos.

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