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How to Disable or Enable the Touchpad on Dell Laptop

Sometimes the touchpad on your Dell laptop may be disabled. In order to enable it again, you must enable the Dell Touchpad tab in the Control Panel. Previously, you need to disable it first before you can enable it again. This article will walk you through how to do this. This article also discusses how to update the touchpad drivers in your Dell laptop. Follow the instructions carefully and your touchpad will be working as it should again.

How to disable or enable the touchpad on a Dell Inspiron 15R

The first step in how to disable or enable the touchpad on a Dell Inspiron 15R is to open the Device Manager. Go to the Hardware and Sound panel and then Mouse and Touchpad. Click the Touchpad tab and click Uninstall to remove the outdated driver software. Next, click Update Driver to download the latest version of the touchpad driver software.

On the keyboard, press the F key to enable the touchpad. You should notice an orange icon on each F key. If you do not recognize the icon, you need to press the Fn key. This will turn the touchpad on and off. You can also enable or disable the touchpad by double-tapping the Touchpad on/off indicator. After enabling the touchpad, you can turn it back on.

How to update touchpad drivers on a Dell laptop

When your Dell laptop does not recognize your touchpad, you need to update the driver. There are two ways to update the touchpad driver on your computer. One way is to use the Dell Update service, which will automatically install a new touchpad driver when available. Another option is to manually search for updated drivers by entering the model name in the search bar. Be sure to download the drivers from a legitimate Dell support page, and not from a free driver download service.

In the BIOS menu of your computer, go to the Advanced Settings page. There, select the ‘Integral Pointing Device’ option. After that, press F10 to save your changes. You can also toggle the touchpad on and off by double-tapping the Touchpad on/off indicator. Depending on the type of touchpad on your laptop, you may need to disable the touchpad entirely.

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How to lock the touchpad on a Dell laptop

In case you want to lock the touchpad of your Dell laptop, you must first enable the feature by pressing a function key on your keyboard. The function keys are usually located on the top of your keyboard, and the symbol on them could be the touchpad. To enable the touchpad, click on the function key and then double-click on the Dell Touchpad on/off indicator. If you do not see a function key, you can press the Fn key while pressing the touchpad button.

To enable the touchpad, you must first go to the BIOS. From the menu, choose the option labeled Touchpad, and then select your operating system from the drop-down menu. Once you have chosen your operating system, extract the downloaded files using a Windows extracting tool. Alternatively, you can also use a software such as WinRAR or 7-zip to extract the files.


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