How to crack SAT?

 Exams act as a yardstick to measure one’s knowledge. Many exams take place worldwide for an undergraduate student to take admission in various colleges. One of the main exams to gain entry is SAT(standardized test), developed by ETS (Educational Testing Services). Its scores are valid for five years, but recent marks are preferred. One seventy-five countries accept the score of this exam like the USA, Canada, Australia, Finland, etc. It takes place six times a year in India, one can give it as many times as one wants. All things related to this exam are listed below like sat exam syllabus for indian students, reading material, time distribution as per the syllabus-

Exam pattern, syllabus, and time distribution – 

The SAT has four sections: Reading, Writing, Mathematics (with the calculator), and Mathematics (without a calculator). The exam has the fifth section of fifty minutes essays, few colleges prefer writing essays with SAT while others can leave the choice up to one.

Maths –

This section has two parts with a total of 80 minutes (25 minutes – without a calculator, 55 minutes with a calculator). It includes Problem-solving, The heart of Algebra, Passport to advanced math. Mathematical chapters like trigonometry, quadratic expressions, polynomial factors, geometry, etc are also part of it. One can practice for this exam online as well.

-Twenty-five minutes of mathematics paper has 20 questions to attempt.

Reading paper –

This section includes reading-based questions on paragraph, table paragraph, graph+paragraph,etc. Sixty-five minutes of the reading test has 52 questions. One can practice for this paper by reading a newspaper, or a book daily.

Writing and language test 

This part includes passages related to careers, science, social sciences, or Humanities. This section also evaluate one’s interpretative skills. Thirty-five minutes of the writing and language test contain 4 passages with 44 multiple-choice questions.

SAT Essay 

This portion of the exam is choice-base as only a few university recommend it. Fifty minute is given to writing the essay after reading the paragraph 0f 600-700 words.

Minor information

It is a computer-adaptive test that means each student has a different set of questions according to the level of intelligence. There is a score range for each section of the exam with no negative marking. The fee to appear for the exam is $94.


One needs to focus on vocabulary, reading, writing, and mathematical abilities. There are many online sources available in current times through which one can prepare for the exam.

Each of us wants to crack the exam that makes us close to our aims but it needs a lot of patience and belief in ourselves. From the syllabus of SAT, one can judge that the paper has some demands like evaluating one’s grammar, mathematics, writing quality, etc. This paper also demands time management as the paper includes different disciplines. This quality of time management comes if one observes where is his/her time is going and use it efficiently. Determination and discipline in the way of work is the only path to achieve success. Many exams take place worldwide for an undergraduate student to take admission in various colleges.

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