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How To Buy The Best Carpet?

Carpets have always been a popular flooring option for Australian houses, starting with the Axminster carpet in the 1800s and continuing throughout the 1960s shag pile and the beach house vibe of today’s sisal-style floor coverings. It has good insulating qualities and is fashionable, strong, soft, and quiet underfoot. It’s probably time to receive an update on the cleaning supplies melbourne and whether you’re carpeting a new room, the entire house, or replacing any faded or draggy carpet you’ve had for far too long. Read on as we lay on mountains of helpful information because choosing the incorrect carpet can be a costly error.

What Carpet Material Is Best?

No fibre is optimal for everyone; your best carpet decision will depend on where it will be installed, who will use it, how much traffic it will receive, and how much money you have to spend.

 Wool Rugs

Like your favourite sweater, the wool carpet is cosy, opulent, and long-lasting. Additionally, it costs more than other fibres in general. For living spaces where the look is crucial, wool is good. It is inherently stain-resistant because it resists liquid spills and easily releases dirt, but you should rapidly clean up spills. Cheaper wool carpets have a higher chance of pilling.

Nylon Rugs

Nylon is a strong and resilient synthetic fibre. It’s particularly well-liked for carpets because it’s less expensive than wool, and some varieties even look just as beautiful with more stain resistance. Nylon carpet is the best choice for usage in high-traffic areas for households with children or pets since it will maintain its colour against cleaning agents and sunshine.

Mats made of polypropylene

Synthetic fibre, known as polypropylene, is well-liked for its low cost and resistance to water resistance. Although it is frequently used in rental apartments, garages, or playrooms, it feels and looks cheap precisely because it is.


A carpet made of wool and nylon can provide you with both advantages at a lower cost than a carpet made entirely of wool. The opulent Axminster and Wilton carpets, which offer the same quality and durability as pure wool, are made of an 80/20 wool/nylon blend. Blends of 50/50 wool and nylon might be challenging to clean because when nylon is combined, stain protection cannot be added. Additionally, these blends frequently contain wool yarn of lower grade, which will pill.

What Else Do You Need To Know Before Buying A Carpet?

Before shopping, consider the colour and sort of pile you want, but keep in mind that looks aren’t everything. You must have your carpet professionally cleaned once a year since the appropriate colour and pile can conceal dirt and stains between cleanings.

Does The Shade Of The Colour Affect The Carpet You Buy?

Although lighter colours appear larger in confined spaces, they will also show stains more readily than darker ones. Dark hues conceal stains but reveal lint. Although carpets will hide stains and lint with lighter and darker fibres flecked throughout, some individuals believe that dirty carpets never appear clean. When seeing colours online, remember that they may seem very different in person because your screen and the image you are viewing may contain various defects. If possible, stop by a carpet store to inspect it in person or request a sample be sent to you.

What Type Of Carpet Should You Buy?

The carpet’s pile measures how long its fibres are; the longer the pile, the shaggier the carpet.

  • Individual yarn strands are pulled through the carpet backing twice to form a little loop in a carpet with a loop pile. It is better suited to high-traffic areas, has significantly shorter loops, and has a more relaxed appearance. It also conceals footprints better.
  • In carpets with a cut pile, the loops are removed at the top, leaving yarn tufts that stand upright. It has a more opulent and formal appearance than loop piles, but it also frequently reveals light and dark regions, such as footprints and vacuum cleaner tracks—something you won’t see in catalogues!
  • By tightly twisting the fibre ends, twist pile carpets attempt to address the earlier problem of exposing footprints and vacuum tracks; nonetheless, over time, they tend to develop dark and bright patches.
  • Cut and loop pile carpets allow for the creation of various pile heights, allowing for the fabrication of textural patterns. The dirt and footprints can  hidden well, but they may wear more quickly.

Things To Look For In-Store

When visiting a carpet retailer, there are a few things to look for to ensure your chosen carpet is up to the task.


The carpet’s density is determin by the quantity of pile yarn and the spacing between individual tufts. You can determine the density by bending the carpet sample into a U shape with the tufts facing out. The carpet is denser the less carpet backing you can see. Generally speaking, the denser, the better.

Durability: Check The Label

Density is a factor, the durability factor and construction quality also matter, and it can be challenging for the typical consumer to judge these things. The Australian Carpet Classification Scheme was created by the Carpet Institute of Australia (ACCS). All major suppliers use this voluntary industry labelling and grading standard for carpets of all fibres.

Try Before You Purchase

The lighting, adjacent colours, and surrounding materials influence how your carpet appears in your home. Bring samples home from the cleaning supply store and test them in each space with various lighting options, such as candlelight, disco lights, artificial lighting, and daylight.


Underlay can offer insulation, conceal small bumps and holes in the floor, absorb sound, and extend the life of your carpet. Pick it when you purchase carpet. Between foam underlay and rubber underlay, you’ll probably decide. Standing on the underlay will allow you to determine its quality. It should feel firm but comfortable, and you shouldn’t be able to feel the floor with the heel of your shoe.


Getting the carpet placed by the firm where you purchas it will generally be less expensive. Make sure you have a wholly itemised quote from the vendor. While most quotes will cover installation and underlayment, they may not necessarily cover relocating the furniture.

Carpet cleaner

Matrix Confidence Premium Extraction Detergent, Matrix All Fibre Rinse, Matrix Radiant Fine Fabric Shampoo, Matrix Complete Rinse, and Matrix Finish First Carpet Extraction Detergent Powder are just a few of the carpet cleaner powders available in the stores in Melbourne. Other powders include Saigers Sauce Deep Blue All Purpose All Fibre Rinse, Chemspec Optimal Rinse, Prochem All Fibre Rinse, Prochem All Fibre Powder, Chemspec Formula 90 Powder with Biosolv, and Matrix Mirage Dry Foam Carpet Detergent, among others. 

Final word

You can anticipate replacing your carpet once every 10 to 15 years, depending on the amount of traffic, stains, and damage it receives. Use the best carpet cleaning powders for their cleaning. Hallways and occupied spaces are liable to deteriorate more quickly. While a stopgap measure, replacing these areas as needed will prolong the appearance and feel of your carpet and is worth saving the offcuts or purchasing extra when you first install the carpet. 

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