How do I become a sourcing specialist?

When it comes to selling and purchasing, many people take it for granted that it is a fat poor. Only you know the bitterness of purchasing supplier quality

So, what kind of occupation is sourcing, and how to do it well?

  1. Be familiar with your professional knowledge. You can do everything well when you are familiar with purchasing professional knowledge.
  2. You need to take things seriously, take responsibility, respect yourself and the company, and respect every supplier participating in the bidding.
  3. Have a strong ability to resist pressure, keep your body and mind calm and handle everything in your hand clearly under high-intensity pressure.

Most people think the procurement work is straightforward, but it is incorrect. The procurement department is the lifeblood of ensuring production in the enterprise. Buyers also have a specific right of choice… It is undeniable that spending money to buy things is more proactive than door-to-door sales. However, as a buyer, how to plan your professional life and do your job well is something every buyer must seriously consider.

Anyone who has done purchasing knows that a company’s purchasing department is essential. Purchasing personnel should strive to buy the most suitable materials and products for the company at the most favorable price within a reasonable time. In other words, when purchasing, you must first purchase timely. Secondly, you must ensure the accuracy of purchases, the third is to save costs for the company as much as possible, and the fourth is to ensure the quality of materials. The above points demonstrate that the purchaser should be able to plan strategies, not be impatient or impatient, and have a clear mind.

To be a good buyer and even pave the way for future purchasing managers supply quality management, the editor believes that the following aspects should be done well:

  1. The work has a plan and purpose: before the end of each day, recall in your mind what things have not been done today, what things have not been done well enough to be improved, and what are the main things to do tomorrow, it is essential to make a plan in your mind, If there are many things, it is recommended to record them, or save them in the mobile phone memo, and deal with the recorded notes one by one in the future.
  2. Learn to communicate with others actively: keep in touch with the production department, warehouse management department, proofing workshop, quality, and other related personnel, so that you can better understand the product, track your needs, reduce work mistakes, and significantly improve work efficiency. There must be a specific summary of the difficulties and points of the work: for the difficulties in the work, try to make a short written record after the event so that you can summarize your experience in the future.
  3. Do an excellent job summary: at least make a summary of the work done that day. Over time, you will find that summing up is very necessary. The summary mainly starts with the workload, work content, completed items, essential matters, problem-solving, work mistakes, work plans, etc. In addition, we must do an excellent job in supplier management: try to use documents with practical terms to restrain suppliers so that they can actively strive to cooperate with us, solve problems in time, and make them feel pressured and motivated.
  4. Continuous tracking of orders: work with a sense of responsibility a rigorous attitude, and take the initiative to attack, don’t expect the supplier to be sure there is no problem (when people are inevitably negligent), and do an excellent job of follow-up work promptly, Continue to analyze every plausible reason of the supplier to see if there is a hidden supply risk or other unreasonable reasons. It is necessary to make corresponding records to facilitate inquiries and statistics and to cooperate with relevant departments to do the work before and after.
  5. the problem should be handled promptly: the response speed should be fast, the reporting work should be timely, the problem should be handled quickly and decisively, the handling suggestion should be provided comprehensively, and a suitable negotiation conclusion should be made with the supplier.
  6. Develop good occupational habits: You must have good purchasing occupational habits, have the concept of cost management, have profit thinking, have risk awareness, have overall planning ability, and have good communication habits. These all help me to move towards a better purchase and be a genuinely excellent and valuable buyer.

The above is the ability that the procurement personnel needs to have and how to do specialization in sourcing. I hope it can help you.

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