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Here are the Best Movie Streaming Sites for April 2022

The Best Movie Streaming sites

Below is a list of the top free online movie streaming websites that still work in 2022. These are the most popular streaming sites at the moment. However, they don’t all legally show content. Each entry will be flagged appropriately so you know who owns the distribution rights. This means you can enjoy them without violating the law .

#1 Peacock TV The best free movie streaming site

Peacock has been a topic we have written about a lot because it offers a great way to stream new movies online for free. We’ve written an article on how you can access it from wherever you are. It’s the only site that allows you to stream new movies for free online.

Peacock launched in July 2020. It has an impressive library of movies and TV series. As long as you are okay with watching ads, all of it is free. You can subscribe to Peacock TV at $4.99 per month if you don’t mind the ads.

Remember that Peacock is available only in the US. To access it from anywhere else in the world, you will need to change your IP address with a VPN. NordVPN is the best choice for unblocking streaming sites in the US.

#2 Crackle – Watch free movies from Sony Pictures, and many more

Crackle is also known as “Sony Crackle” since Sony purchased it in 2006. It’s a relatively unknown streaming service that offers a free, anonymous streaming service. It’s a shame because it’s 100% legit and has a diverse library ideal for watching movies online. You can find free movies and TV shows from major studios such as MGM, Sony Pictures and DreamWorks.

It’s not available in all countries. Therefore, if you want Crackle to be viewed anywhere on the planet, a VPN will be required so that you can obtain a USIP address.

Crackle does not have a subscription model. However, the ads aren’t too bad. Sony Pictures offers a wide range of content, including classics and newer releases.

#3 Tubi – A legitimate streaming experience with minimal advertisements

Tubi, another movie streaming site that is free to use, owns the broadcasting rights for all of its content. It’s therefore a legitimate streaming platform. You can stream free movies from Tubi. This streaming platform is owned and operated by Fox Corporation. It has been in existence since 2014. It offers media from major names in the entertainment sector like Paramount, MGM and Warner Bros.

Tubi, like Peacock, is only accessible in the US. You will need a US-based IP to access it. NordVPN can be used to access thousands upon thousands of movies and TV shows on Tubi.

You are not like Peacock. You cannot subscribe to a premium account Tubi will remove all ads. Tubi will require you to view the ads.

#4 Cineb – Great categorization of free movies

Cineb, a relatively new streaming site, is trying to establish itself in this market. It’s a beautiful site for watching movies online, with a minimalist design and decent video quality.

It also has a “Trending” section on the main page. There are a few categories that you might be interested in, but they are not very populated. Cineb’s content personalization aims to appeal to new audiences. It’s and above all new releases . They upload content as soon as possible.

Cineb , unlike most streaming sites, doesn’t have any distribution rights to its content. This means that watching movies or series on the site is illegal in many countries. Some sections have strange formatting.

#5 SolarMovie is a free movie website that allows you to personalize your movies.

Like Cineb SolarMovie, it is a fresh player in the scene. However, its personalization is making it a popular choice. It’s easy to sort media by country, genre, launch date, and many categories including anime, fantasy, sci-fi, science-fiction, and more.

This can sometimes prove to be a double-edged weapon. SolarMovie’s interface can seem overwhelming at first due to its strong personalization and categorization for free movies and TV series. Although ads can be annoying on the site, it is still a good website for those who are interested in streaming free movies.

They do not own the rights to distribute movies or TV series through their website.

#6 Hurawatch A Free TV Shows Streaming Site

This is the most recent version of Hurawatch and has new features. Hurawatch is safe and secure. Hurawatch is now completely ad-free. This means that there are no pop ups, ads, or commercials on Hurawatch. We don’t pose any risk to your identity or device because there are no ad-linked links. Hurawatch allows you to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies without worrying about data loss, identity theft or corrupted networks. Hurawatch doesn’t require registration. You don’t have to give out any personal information, such as your full name, email address or credit card details. There will be no leakage of information if there is no sharing of information. Hurawatch offers free movie streaming and is therefore one of the most secure sites.

Hurawatch may be a pirated website, but streaming movies online via Hurawatch are legal. You heard it right. It is legal to stream movies online free of charge on Hurawatch. Copyright attorneys state that you will only be charged if you share or download pirated files. To keep your identity anonymous, you can use a VPN to download videos offline.

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