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Healing Your Grieving Soul – Ancient Soul Healing Wisdom

What Is Soul Healing?

The soul is what we refer to as the “Supreme One” within ourselves. It consists of a set of qualities referred to as Virtues. These qualities are taught to us early by our parents and teachers. Some virtues are emphasised strongly in all religions and schools. However, as we get older, we have a tendency to forget about them. This leads to us going astray, and our life quickly spirals out of control. You must work on yourself as a whole in order to turn your problems into blessings. Healing Touch, Akashic healing, Reiki, and Medical Qi Gong are examples of energy healing systems. It takes place at the soul level. It has a significant impact on your life. Psychotherapy is often confused with soul healing. You can overcome daily obstacles through psychotherapy, such as gambling, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, etc.

It’s based on the assumption that this life is the one. It has a series of incarnations that concentrate on fulfilling certain soul lessons.

True success can only be achieved when you connect with your true inner self and fulfil your soul’s desires.

Soul healing is concerned with your current life, but it also acknowledges your previous lives and has the ability to heal karma from previous lives that has an impact on your current life.

The Akashic healer can work directly with the spirits in the upper, middle, and lower spiritual worlds. All the experiences from this journey tend to impact your everyday life greatly.

Healers then use these experiences to look into all your problem areas where energy flow is constricted. After they are identified, they will work towards unblocking them and helping you become more self-aware.

The sessions are all expressive, transpersonal, and holistic. They simultaneously work at spiritual, physical, mental and emotional levels of yourself, causing a strong impact on your body in all shamanic and spiritual work.

What is Akashic Healing?

With Akashic Healing, you may repair old behaviors, negative self-beliefs, soul healing, and scars from this and previous lifetimes. Calling forward and identifying undesired patterns in both emotional and physical wounds and negative self-beliefs is part of the healing process. By releasing these negative self-beliefs into the akashic records training, you are allowing healing via exquisite love and spiritual energy, repairing and realigning the energy of your soul. Akashic Healing allows you to become your best self.

Healing sessions are similar to Akashic Records Consultations. A soul healing session allows you to delve deeper into yourself and resolve whatever is causing you to feel stuck, anxious, or unable to remove the roadblocks that keep coming up. The Akashic Records provide deeper healing through the use of divine energies, capabilities, and the wisdom of the Akashic Records.

How To Access Akashic Records

Define your purpose

You must first decide what you want to learn before you try to access the records. “Are you just browsing to kill time?” If that’s the case, you’re likely to hit a brick wall. As a result, the more clearly you explain your intention, the more likely you will be in the right frame of mind to access the records. For instance, maybe you want to confirm the existence of the Akashic Records, or maybe you want to experience the realm of the Akashic Records. Or maybe you want a reading of the Akashic Records so that you can ask questions that are much deeper on a soul level. Deeper Questions that you can’t just ask Googles.

Request Spirit Guide assistance

If you’re ready, after you’ve defined your intention and clearly defined your purpose, it’s a great idea to ask your spirit guides or soul family (whether you know them or not) for guidance on your quest for knowledge. Keep in mind that your Spirit Guides are always with you, and you can talk to them at any time.

The first and most important thing to do when asking for help is clearly state your purpose. Determine what you need assistance with before you ask for it. Do you need advice on a tough decision?  Are you super nervous about a new path in life?. Need help with a simple task? Ask them! (They are eager to assist you! Ask them when you meditate, connect with your Higher Self, access the Akashic Records, and do whatever you need. Just ask them! They are here intending to help you!)

The next step is to state a specific request in detail. Let them know what you would like them to do for you. Be vocal about it. It always helps. As much as possible, trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Be on the lookout for signs and synchronicities since that’s how they respond to you the most. When you see them, you’ll know. For more article visit homepage

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