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May the waves hit your feet and sand your seat this long weekend! On the list we have Gokarna, a small beach town, on the shores of the vast Arabian Sea. Gokarna, a temple town about 484 km from Bangalore,is on the west coast of India.Located in Kumta Taluk of North Karnataka, the main deity is Lord Shiva,Who is also known as Mahabaleshwar.This temple is believed to have an original image of the Lingam(Atmalinga)of Lord Shiva.

If you want to experience the thrill of trekking with a difference then Unplanned Plan presents you a beach trek in Gokarna.There are many beaches in Gokarna and the trekking trail is known as”Golden Trail”.The trek starts from Belekhon village and ends at Kudle Beach.You will be walking along the beach,climbing on boulders and crossing several beaches like Paradise,Half Moon Beach and what are you waiting for,Just get a beach trek strike off your bucket list and cherish wonderful memories with us forever?

DAY 1:-

Arrive around the campsite at 8:30 am (approx.)

Freshen up and have breakfast.The rest can be dropped off at the campsite.

Have a packed lunch,water and snacks for a short rucksack trek. Leave at Belecan Beach.


Paradise Beach

Half Moon Beach

Om Beach

Rock Climbing

Dolphin’s Point

Kudle Beach

Dinner at Kudle Beach (Self – sponsored)

Gokarna Beach

Bonfire and Sleep for the Night.

You can take a night tour from Gokarna Town to reach back to the campsite or take an auto(self-sponsored)to reach back to the campsite.

DAY 2:-

Wake up early, refreshment,breakfast. 

Pack your bags,because you won’t be returning to the campsite. 

Exploring the city of Gokarna.

Self-sponsored lunch visit Vibhuti Falls. 

Self Sponsored Dinner.

Return Monday from Bangalore.


Beach Camping Accommodation in tents on double/triple sharing basis,separate for men and women If pairs(tell us on the call)Sleeping bag/Blanket available Washroom/Changing available.


We start our journey from Bangalore late in the evening after picking up the trek participants from various pick-up locations.We will cover a distance of 500 km to reach Gokarna in the night and the aim is to reach on time,Therefore all passengers are expected to have a light dinner before boarding.As we hit the road,Trek Leads will give you a brief overview of the trek and then introduce you to our fellow Plan the Unplanned intro session.Until dawn,you’ll feel at home with all your fellow travelers!


If you look out your window, you will see salt fields in the distance.This means that we are now few minutes away from our destination.Take your belongings to the cottage,get refreshed,have a bite to eat and get ready to start the trek to the base point.


Our first day of trekking will start from Belekan Beach(look towards the rocky sides of the beach and if you are lucky,So you can spot dolphins!)Enjoy the panoramic view and start an exciting day of trekking.


A pristine beach which is a combination of rocky terrain and clear white sand.Paradise Beach is exactly what it sounds like.That it is considered one of the cleanest beaches by the collective effort of the tourists and the abstract paintings on the rocks add to the character of the place.


The beach got its name because of its resemblance to the shape of a half moon.Here you get an opportunity to relax and enjoy your peaceful surroundings.Make sure you have some snacks and water.Because we reach this beach at lunch time.Next to Half Moon Beach, you will find a huge rock called the Rock of Peace,it is the throne to witness one of the best sunsets,You will know why it is named Rock of Peace only after experiencing it.From here the whole world seems artistic,music starts playing in your mind.The color of the sky changes every minute and if it’s your lucky day,you get to see dolphins on the Arabian beach!


Our last (and best) beach destination is Kudle Beach which is a popular tourist destination, offering authentic seafood,Known for wood-fired pizza and good music in the evenings. In every restaurant here, every dish is served with a view.The cool breeze, the slow sound of the waves and rising tides are perfect for the day.

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