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These days in our lives, mobile phones and laptops and personal computers have taken so important a place that we cannot even imagine even a minute without them. In today’s time, the scariest thought that can come to our mind is managing without a laptop or mobile phone or be it a personal computer.

In such a time of need, NZ Electronics comes to your rescue. We are a specialized venture when it comes to iPhone repair services.  Whenever Auckland’s iPhone repairing services are being talked about, NZ Electronics is the first name mentioned. Besides, its repairing services are so fast that it claims 30-minute iPhone repairing. The repairing services start at a nominal cost of $ 39. Along with the speed of repairing, it also ensures the quality of repair and guarantees the quality of the repair. 

Here are some reasons why one should choose a local phone repair shop

1) NZ Electronics Repair uses high-quality iPhone parts. The parts that are used in the iPhone repair are of top quality and are imported from the best suppliers of the iPhone parts. Thus you can always trust the safety of the parts that we use in iPhone repairing. The authentic parts used in the repairing also provide a warranty on them. This way we ensure the best of services at a nominal cost and at a jet speed. 

2) NZ Electronics also offer same-day repairing services which save the time of the customers and also helps them to get same-day turnaround and hence value the time of the customers. NZ Electronic services provide the best screen repairing services of almost all the models of iPhone. These models include 3G, 3GS, 4,4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6S+, XR, XS, XS MAX in not more than 30 minutes. The prices of repairing are really cheap and affordable. Above all, it provides a warranty of three months on its repairing services. This means, if there are any flaws in the repair within 90 days, the iPhone will again be repaired by NZ Electronics Repaired without any further repairing cost.

The following issues regarding the I-best iPhone repairs are sorted out in our store:

The broken iPhone glass, iPhone LCD replacement, iPhone battery replacement, iPhone repair due to water damage, iPhone Wi-Fi issues, iPhone home button repair, iPhone speaker repair, iPhone freezing problems, I phone data recovery, and iPhone overheating issues, iPhone camera repair, etc. In short almost, all the phones are resolved here at NZ Electronic Repair, and that too within half to one hour of time. 

NZ Electronic Repair offers a unique service for customers who are not able to visit the store. This service is available nationwide in NZ.  All you need to do is just courier your iPhone device to our store and the store will repair your piece the same day and will courier it back the same day at your address for free. In case of ant further inquiry, feel free to call on 0800585000. You can also E-Mail at the store. Just do give a try to our services.

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