Get estimated cost for developing WordPress Website

Are you looking for an estimated cost for developing WordPress Website?

Then it would be best if you read this. Here we explain all the detailed information about the estimated cost of building a WordPress Website.

As web developers, we often get asked this question by our clients, website visitors, and beginners. That’s why we have listed the cost of creating a website.

As open-source software, WordPress offers a free-to-use platform. Thus, the entire cost of WordPress website creation depends upon your requirements. You have to pay higher for how much you want to add features to your website.

So, in this blog, we have mentioned the cost of creating a website on a low budget and the cost of custom website creation. Moreover, here are some tips for avoiding the over costing issues during the WordPress website creation. So, let’s start.

How much does it cost to create a WordPress website?

You need to handle many things when building a WordPress website, such as WordPress hosting, domain, design, and various plugins or extensions. If you want to create a self-hosted WordPress website, all you need is web hosting and a domain name to run your WordPress website. To better understand all these terms, let’s discuss them individually.


Hosting is an online space where you can store your data files. When any hosting provider allots a storage space on the server for your file, they can charge for that. Various web hosting options are available in the industry, such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and colocated hosting. You can choose any one option according to your needs and budget.


The domain is an internet address or online identity that represents your website. In the web world, you can choose any domain name untitled if it’s not taken by someone else. In a domain name, there are a minimum of one to a maximum of sixty-three characters, and after all, the domain characters URL adds protocol for different purposes.

Design or Themes

In WordPress, you can design your website with a group of graphics, stylesheets, and some code, known as a theme. These themes can define how your website looks to your users. The UX/UI features are also included in a theme. Having a theme for your website is essential to control your website layout & design. Many free themes are available for WordPress users, and paid articles are available for the WordPress website.


The plugin is the software that helps add any features to your WordPress website. You can find so many plugins in the plugin library of WordPress and many third-party plugins available in the market.

If you are struggling to create a WordPress site, you can get help from an award-winning WordPress web design and development agency. They have an experienced and professional team that offers you a fantastic WordPress website that matches all your requirements. Visit the website to learn more.

Now let’s look at the actual costs of building a WordPress website.

Estimating the Real Cost of Building a WordPress Site

As I mentioned above, the Cost of WordPress website creation depends on your requirements; this cost can start from $100 to & 30,000 or even more.

So, knowing what WordPress website you want to build for your business and your budget for building the site is essential. Both points can directly affect the cost of WordPress website development.

How much does the cost of WordPress website creation with a low budget?

If you want to develop a fully functional website for under $100, then you can plan your expenses thoroughly. Here we break down the list of WordPress website development costs with low-budget projects.

Domain & Hosting cost for WordPress website creation with a low budget

For low-budget projects, you need to take a budget-friendly hosting to afford it easily and buy any domain name according to your business brand.

If you are from the UK, then according to, you must pay a minimum of £ 9.99/yr for .com TLD. This price fluctuates according to your TLD. The hosting cost for a WordPress website is from £1.26/month ex VAT to 7.99/month ex VAT.

Now, if you are from the USA, according to a2hosting, you have to pay $10.99/month for shared hosting. You can reduce this cost by purchasing a 12 month plan. Apart from that, you have to pay $16.99/year for a .com TLD.

For more information, you can contact an IT expert who will help you reduce this cost and select the best option for your brand.

After buying the hosting and domain, you next need to install the WordPress

WordPress Installation and WordPress website Setup

Now you have a hosting account and a Domain name; the next step is installing the WordPress CMS on your Website as it’s free, so you don’t need to do any expenses for that process.

After Installing, you have to design your website with different types of themes and plugins for features.

You can also save your cost in this step by using the free WordPress themes and plugins. There are thousands of professional, free themes available in the WordPress library for different types of websites.

There are more than 59000 free plugins in the WordPress plugin library that you can use for building your website.

In a WordPress website, there are some features that you need to add to your website. Here is the list of some of them.

  • Plugins for Contact form
  • Plugins for Custom landing page
  • Plugins for website optimization
  • Plugins for Website Security

Above mention, all the categories are just a short intro you need to add to your website. You can use free alternatives for these categories or buy some paid plugins for a better admin experience. This cost is near about $46 – $100 per year.

What is the Cost of creating a Custom WordPress website?

On your WordPress site, you need to hire a WordPress developer who can create a unique design and develop specific features for your WordPress site.

This website is usually best for medium to large businesses with a reasonable budget and many demands.

You can also choose a managed WordPress hosting provider that supports your WordPress website. This type of hosting is WordPress-focused with organized updates, security, developer tools, premium support and helps to improve WordPress website speed performance.

In addition, for your WordPress website hosting and domain name, you can ask your WordPress website development agency that can provide your bills for all your demands and requirements. For a standard custom WordPress website, the theme alone can cost up to $5,000 to $15,000 or even more.

Now let’s discuss some tips for reducing the expenses and saving yourself from overpaying while creating a WordPress Website.

How to avoid overpaying and reduce expenses?

As a well-reputed web designer and developer company, we always recommend our clients to start from a low budget if they are just startups and then scale up their WordPress site as their business grows.

In many cases, you don’t need all the premium features you see on other sites in your industry.

That’s why you should remember that these websites had a head start and probably took time to figure out how to manage costs and grow their business.

You can start a budget website with free plugins and templates. Once you get visitors, you can consider adding premium features like the paid backup plugin, business phone services, live chat, website firewall, premium template, email marketing, business email address, etc.

The same goes for your e-commerce website. Start with the bare minimum, and once you start selling, you’ll discover the tools to help you and your customers.


The cost of website creation in WordPress depends upon your business requirements. At the beginner level, you can build a beautiful WordPress website for your business by just bearing the cost of the Hosting and domain. After that, you can upscale your WordPress website with your business growth.

In addition, if you want to build a custom WordPress website, themes, and plugins, then you need to bear the cost of Hosting, domain, plugin, themes, and hire a professional WordPress developer.

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