Finishing Options For Cardboard Display Boxes

There are many options for the finishing of your Cardboard Display Boxes. You can emboss, matte or gloss laminate, or add UV finishing for added protection from ultraviolet rays. Embossed boxes look more elegant than plain cardboard, but still maintain a minimalist look. Matte and gloss laminates protect your cardboard boxes from scratches and scuffs, while UV finishing provides protection against ultraviolet rays.

Custom Printed Cardboard Display Boxes

Printed Cardboard Display Boxes are popular packaging items used by retailers to promote products. These boxes can be customized to fit a variety of marketing products. They use quality paper and printing to create an attractive package for any product. You can customize your boxes with your company’s logo and graphics. They are inexpensive and can be used for a variety of different purposes. For more information, visit the Ideal Custom Boxes website.

Corrugated cardboard

A well-designed and constructed corrugated cardboard display box can increase your business’ visibility. These boxes are lightweight and easy to ship and set up. In addition, they can be easily recycled, which is great news for the environment. Although corrugated cardboard takes approximately three months to decompose in a landfill. Also, vegetable ink is easily washable during the recycling process. A cardboard display box can help your company save money.

Kraft cardstock

If you are a bakery or other business that offers a variety of baked goods, consider purchasing a custom-printed box made from Kraft cardstock. This paper is a natural, high-quality material that can enhance your baked goods. Not only does this type of box look beautiful, but it can also be customized to suit your specific needs. Read on to learn more about the advantages of custom-printed boxes. If you’re looking for a quality box that is affordable, check out the benefits of using this stock.

Rigid stock

Paperboard boxes are often referred to as ‘rigid boxes’. Unlike a folding carton or corrugated shipping container, rigid boxes are made of chipboard covered in paper wrap. Rigid boxes are typically made from heavier boards than their counterparts. A rigid box may also have an unwrapped part, though it will appear to be unsightly. Rigid stock boxes may have a two or four-panel design with an extra piece of paper hinge that glues back on itself. There may also be a shelf-like protrusion on one or both sides of a box.

Bux board

A variety of industries use bux board boxes for packaging their products, including retail and wholesale companies. Not only are they effective at displaying products, but they are also economical and environmentally friendly. Ideal Custom Boxes use the most sustainable and cost-effective materials to make them, and they ensure that your products are safe and secure during shipping and storage. Additionally, bux board boxes can be custom-made for a unique look and feel.


Biodegradable cardboard Custom display boxes are environmentally friendly. This type of packaging is made from organic materials that decompose within two to five months in the soil. As opposed to plastic or metal displays that can take 100 years to decompose, biodegradable cardboard display boxes contain no heavy metals and are completely recyclable. Moreover, they are highly customizable and can be easily folded and shipped flat for storage.


Product display boxes are highly functional packaging solutions used by manufacturers to showcase their products. Besides packaging and preservation, they also boost the sales of products. As a result, they are widely used by manufacturers. Colorful cardboard boxes can increase the value of a product and help the company gain a greater market share. If you are in need of a colorful product packaging solution, check out the following points. Here are some tips to choose the right one:

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