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Find the best restaurant to eat in Thrissur in 2022

A good place to eat is one of the most challenging things to find. Sure many restaurants serve good food, but how many of them leave you wanting more? A top-notch restaurant offers a fine-dining experience coupled with exceptionally delicious food produced from recipes that will make you drool.

Thrissur, one of Kerala’s oldest cities, has some of the best vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants. We’ve gone back and forth to find the best non veg restaurant in thrissur there you can have a fine experience. These restaurants don’t just give you delicious dishes; they also leave you thinking about them and tempt you to return for more.

6 best restaurants in Thrissur that you must visit 


Round- The Global Diner, one of the best restaurants in Kerala, is named after the well-known landmark “The Thrissur Round”. They offer a variety of cuisines with a sophisticated yet classy interior and an exquisite ambiance centered on the utmost customer experience. Round is the umbrella brand for 4 subsidiary brands, namely Kattans- The Local Tea Shop, Masalafy- Indian Cuisines, Sultan’s Table- Mediterranean, and OISHII- Asian Dishes. It is the ultimate foodie destination, with a variety of cuisines available under one roof.


If you are a biryani lover and looking for the most authentic biryani in Thrissur, you have come to the right place. Hotel Sapphire is the most prominent place in Thrissur for its classic and exquisite chicken biryani. In addition to serving Malabar food. Their specialties also include a variety of other cuisines. People from all over Kerala consider it a must-try food spot when visiting Thrissur. Sapphire is not the typical restaurant you’d expect to find in a city like Thrissur. However, it is a fantastic restaurant that serves delicious food at a reasonable price for everyone. It has always been regarded as one of the best non-veg restaurants in Thrissur and has built a solid reputation for itself over the years.


Flame House, known for serving the best grilled delicacies in town, has become one of Thrissurians’ favorite fast-food restaurants. They serve delectable food made entirely of natural ingredients and with no added preservatives. Another specialty of theirs is in-house sauces, which you can try with almost all of their dishes as they elevate certain dishes to new heights. Flame House has a well-appointed ambiance and attentive service in addition to the beautifully plated delicious food. Add this to your list of places to eat the next time you’re in Thrissur and craving some extremely scrumptious food.


A variety of lip-smacking foods can be found in Barbeque Nation’s dine-in facilities across various cities around the world. Their food is known to be a feast to savor, starting with appetizers, moving on to main courses, and ending with desserts. Unlike a typical restaurant, individual food servings are unlimited at Barbeque Nation. From continental food to oriental food, this multi-cuisine restaurant is your one-stop destination and has become one of the most renowned restaurants with over 195 outlets both in India and the Middle East.


Using only the finest ingredients for the best cooking, RoastTown delivers you the authentic flavours of rotisserie prepared fresh and served right away. The flavours of the dishes complement each other beautifully, and their aromas will leave you wanting more. RoastTown uses authentic recipes from several culinary traditions to deliver mouthwatering food that will tantalise your taste buds. It is a one-stop destination where customers may experience a wide variety of flavours from around the world.


Alibaba and 41 dishes is the perfect place for an extravagant dinner with your family and friends. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving Arabic, Chinese, Indian, and Tandoori cuisines. They undoubtedly offer flavoursome dishes prepared with high-quality ingredients and provide impeccable service. Alibaba and 41 dishes have proved themselves as an unrivalled restaurant with over 5 outlets throughout various cities in Kerala-Articlespid.


Hotel Bharath is ‌in Thekkinkadu Maidan. Is a longtime favourite among Thrissur residents. Hotel Bharath is a popular destination for many because of its exceptional vegetarian meals and various other authentic South Indian dishes. The peak time for Hotel Bharath is during lunchtime and the crowds speak for themselves, but it is well worth the wait. They are one of the most highly recommended vegetarian restaurants in Thrissur and a must-visit for all vegetarians.

Going through all these incredible restaurants that have become well known in Thrissur has us drooling already. These restaurants have excelled at serving delicious foods and offering outstanding service. They have emerged as the most popular restaurants in Thrissur, and you will discover the same if you ask anyone in Thrissur about them.

Food of high quality always leaves a lasting impression and makes you want more. These 6 restaurants top our list of must-visit places in Thrissur. So, the next time you visit or are nearby, don’t forget to try the delicious food that these restaurants serve.

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