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Failed to Crack JEE Exam? 5 Alternate Steps to Get Your Career on Track

About Jee Exam

JEE Main is India’s most prestigious engineering entrance exam. By clearing it, students can kickstart their engineering from the very beginning. Cracking JEE Mains allows students to get admission into countries’ top engineering colleges like IITs and NITs.

Many students give their life’s 2-4 years of their school life in preparation for JEE Mains exam and give their all relentless studies, regular coaching, and so many sleepless nights. But only a few students get success, but others do not. 

More often, the students who fail the JEE Exam do not comprehend a backup plan. This is why many engineering aspirants are left clueless if they cannot crack JEE Main. This is exactly what we want students to understand. If you are in the midst of your JEE Mains Exam preparation or have some unfruitful results at your hand, this article is for you. We will discuss alternative options that students can explore after the JEE Mains exam. 

Five Alternate Options if Fails to Crack JEE Exam

  • Go for alternate Engineering Options

IITs are the best engineering colleges in the country but are not the only ones. If you fail to crack JEE, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. There are plenty of options to get you admission into a good college. You can appear for state-level engineering exams like UPSEE, WBJEE, AP EAMCET, and ONJEE. Or can give try the BITS Pilani, SRM University, and VITEEE. They are the country’s top private institutes that can provide you with a quality study environment.

  • Consider Other Options in Science or Degree in Similar Field

If you are more interested in science than any specific engineering field, you can look for a degree in similar areas. B.Sc in Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics not only gives in-depth knowledge, but when you complete the degree opens some exciting doors of opportunities like robotics, computational physics, data science, operational research, and pharmacological research. You will be able to work with the latest technologies and innovations. 

B.Tech is not the only option; when it comes to science, there are plenty of opportunities. It would be best if you decided the suitable options for you. B.Arch (Architecture), BCA (Computer Applications), B.Sc Nautical Science (Merchant Navy), BFTech (Fashion Technology), and BSc Aviation are some of the professional courses which will give you significant advancement in your career. 

  • Look Opportunities in Defence

There are thousands of opportunities for which students are opting other than B.Tech like IT, Mass Communication, Humanity, Law, and Armed Forces. There are various exams like NDA, Indian Army TES, and the 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme in the Navy. These exams will give you opportunities to serve in Indian Armed Forces as an officer. NDA is for all students, but in the Indian Army, TES and Naval entry need good 10+2 marks. Being defense personnel, one gets true respect and honor, which other white-collar jobs can not give you.

  • Explore other options with art and commerce

Many students choose engineering as a career option because their parents and peers pressure them. If you count yourself in this category and now engineering or JEE seems to be not your cup of tea, you can consider streams like art and commerce. These streams have a lot of career opportunities like mass communication, law, Psychology, Management, Business, etc. 

  • Consider Taking a Drop Year

If you want to study in IITs and no other career options are lucrative for you, you can consider taking one year drop and start your JEE exam preparation with a fresh mind. For some students, maybe dropping one year is exhausting and draining, but the rewards can overshadow the cons. There are such key reasons why you should give one year extra to your preparation.

  • You have completed the JEE Main syllabus, and now you need to focus on complex concepts and practice JEE questions.
  • You have more time to work on your weaknesses. During class 12, you have schools, coaching classes, board exams, and other distractions, but now you will have sufficient time.
  • Often, students don’t want to waste a year, so they settle for a mediocre college. But if you settle for less than that, you’ll regret it later. Taking a year off and returning stronger and more prepared will improve her JEE rank and secure a seat in IITs or NITs.

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1- How many times can I attempt JEE Mains Exam?

One student can take JEE Mains Exam 6 times over a period of time of 3 years. JEE Mains exam is conducted twice a year, in January and April. 

2- What happens if I only clear JEE Mains?

There is no specific boundation to clear JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exams. After clearing JEE Mains exam, you will get admission into various colleges based on your rank, except for IITs and NITs.

3- Can I get admission into IITs without JEE?

Yes. One can get admission into IITs without clearing JEE Mains exam. But in other courses than B.Tech.


I am Maitri Sharma an educator in Physics Wallah having a keen interest in spreading knowledge and providing quality content to the students. As a teacher, I believe that students need proper guidance to achieve a goal and we have a responsibility to help them achieve their goals.

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