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Every State’s Richest Celebrity

Each state is connected to an important known.

Every state within the U.S. is a bit of the power of stars. Certain states are more famous than others, however the earnings of the 50 most wealthy singers, actresses, actors fashion designers, and authors who are profile in these states are staggering. Look at the top celebrities in each state. Some might be wealthier than you imagine.

Alabama: Lionel Richie

The singer-songwriter was born in Tuskegee, Alabama, Lionel Richie made a fortune of 200 million fortune by churning out songs like.

He will be admitted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on November. 5 as a member of the class of 2022.

Alaska: Holly Madison

Holly Madison was a resident of her home at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles however, Holly Madison was raise in Craig, Alaska. The late Hugh Hefner’s no. one girlfriend, she achieved fame with her reality television role in “The Girls Next Door” as well as “Holly’s World.”

After the mansion was gone after a few years, she appear in a television. Show on the Las Vegas Strip and wrote two New York Times bestsellers -“Down the Rabbit Hole” and “Down the Rabbit Hole” and “The Vegas Diaries” -that increase her net worth up to $16 million In the past she and her house in the Hollywood Hills were feature in an episode of “Ghost Adventures” as she claimer that her home was haunter The crew was committee Arizona: Stevie Nicks

Arkansas: Mary Steenburgen

Over five decades of entertainment industry has given Mary Steenburgen one of the most famous Hollywood famous people well-known as an actress, musician, comedian, and singer. The actress was raise in Newport, Arkansas. The multitalente acres is known for her role in. Melvin and How”, “Ragtime” and “Tender Is the Night” All of which led to her having an estimate net worth of $80 million.

Steenburgen won Steenburgen was award the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in motion pictures for her part in the film from 1980, “Melvin and How”. She has also been feature on TV shows such as “Ink”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Justifies”.

California: George Lucas

George Lucas — the person behind the wildly famous. Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” films -was born on a ranch of walnuts located in Modesto, California. The films produced under Lucasfilm Lucasfilm production house have earned $6.3 billion in accordance with Box Office Mojo. He sold business for $4 billion to Disney at a price of $4 billion. Which helped increase his wealth to $10 billion.

Olivia Washington

She began her career by playing small roles in big-screen also small-screen productions, and eventually caught the attention of renowned directors. She has been featured in films like “The Comedian” and “The Butler.

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