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Essential Tech Skills for the Future

No matter which field you’re in, you should keep developing multiple tech skills to land high-paying job opportunities. Additionally, if you want to grow in your career, you will have to learn advanced and latest skills. Doing that will help you stand out from other professionals. So, in this post, we’ll discuss multiple skills that could make your career future-proof:

15 Future-Proof Skills That Can Help You Land High-Paying Jobs

Here are some of the most in-demand tech skills:

1. Cybersecurity

Companies have to protect their systems and data from unauthorised access and theft. Companies can suffer millions and billions of dollars worth of losses if someone breaches their privacy. To avoid such situations, companies are willing to offer high salaries to professionals who specialise in cybersecurity. Considering the rise in the number of black-hat hacking events every year, the demand for cybersecurity engineers is increasing dramatically. There’s minimal saturation in this field, and you can easily land a high-paying job now and in the future, if you have completed certifications like CISSP and OSCP.

2. Cloud Computing

Companies are dropping traditional server infrastructure and opting for cloud solutions because they’re cheaper, more efficient, and more space-effective. As a result, the market for cloud computing services can reach up to $482 billion in 2022. Therefore, the demand for cloud computing engineers specialising in platforms like Android Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud is increasing. As a cloud architect or engineer, you will have to create feature-packed, secure, and efficient cloud-based software solutions for companies. To land the best cloud computing jobs, you should consider becoming an AWS-certified cloud engineer. That’s because AWS is the most commonly used cloud computing platform.

3. Artificial Intelligence

We are just seeing glimpses of the amazing possibilities of artificial intelligence. It is a most exciting technology right now, potentially automating many processes and making them time and cost effective. If you are a software engineer with expertise in programming languages and tools like R, Python, TensorFlow, and Java, then you can opt for a career in artificial intelligence.

Remember, though, that AI is a vast field. So, you can gain expertise in diverse areas, such as:

  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Reinforcement learning

By specialising in AI, you can produce creative, innovative, and personalised services, products, and solutions for companies.

4. Big Data Analytics

Big Data applications and analytics is a market showing significant growth. Companies in different sectors have to deal with an uncountable amount of data. They have to process, analyse, and visualise data to make important business decisions. It is why the demand for data scientists and analysts is increasing. Many large-scale companies look to hire professionals who specialise in analysing Big Data and are willing to pay hefty salaries. Data science is one of the best tech skills to have, according to LinkedIn. You can earn a respectable salary even as an entry-level data scientist or analyst.

5. Blockchain

Even though cryptocurrency is not going through the best time, the technology it’s based on, i.e. blockchain, could be the next big thing. Apart from creating digital currencies, blockchain can serve many other purposes as well, like:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Digital voting
  • Identity management
  • Peer-to-peer payments
  • File storage

Some of the most common skills blockchain engineers should have are database design, networking, and cryptography. You should also have knowledge of languages like Python, C++, Java, and JavaScript.

6. IoT (Internet of Things)

Just like AI, IoT (Internet of Things) is also a technology that can change the way how we interact with machines and perform different tasks. The Internet of Things is a technology used to initiate communication between devices. It is a network of wirelessly interconnected devices that collaboratively perform different tasks. However, the security aspect of IoT is still very vulnerable. Therefore, companies who are working on IoT-based products and services look to hire professionals who can create secure IoT solutions for them. If you are a software or cybersecurity engineer, this is a great skill for you to learn.

7. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing has gone out of fashion, and companies look to hire digital marketers to promote their products. Digital marketing is a massive field requiring skills like SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. Companies can approach millions of customers effectively by using the internet and social media platforms to promote their products. This is why many businesses are going online. And they’re hiring highly experienced and qualified digital marketers to promote their brands. Digital marketers also earn decent salaries and will keep doing so for the next 10-20 years.

8. Full-Stack Development

Web and software development has always been one of the most sought-after tech skills for the past 20 years. Companies prefer hiring professionals who specialise in both front-end and back-end development. Full stack developers should also have expertise in programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, and Python. Additionally, you should know how to use different web development frameworks, libraries, and tools. The growth of this career path has always been pretty stable, and it will be a great skill to learn even after 10-20 years. However, the frameworks and tools might become more advanced and feature-packed with time. So, keep learning if you choose this field!

9. Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR and AR)

Extended reality (VR and AR) is one of the most exciting and interesting technology trends for the future. Right now, the applications of VR and AR that we’re witnessing are quite basic. It’s just being used for entertainment purposes. However, in the near future, companies belonging to the healthcare, marketing, advertising, and manufacturing sectors are planning to launch AR and VR-based services and products. They have already started working on such projects. It is why they are actively hiring talented and skilful AR and VR developers. As a result, the global extended reality market is expected to cross $200 billion by 2025.

10. VFX and CGI

Many movie directors and video producers use VFX and CGI to add realistic effects to their content. Production houses spend millions of dollars only on such video effects while producing large-scale movies. There is also a massive shortage of good VFX and CGI artists in the world, so there’s no saturation in this field as well. Highly skilled and talented professionals can easily earn a 6-figure salary in this field.

11. UI/UX Design

A full stack web developer cannot create a good website if they don’t have an engaging UI/UX design to follow. Experienced and skilled UI designers can create interfaces for websites and apps that are not only visually appealing and modern but are also easy to use. UX specialists analyse, research, and test features and elements crucial for the smooth functionality of a website. It is a really great skill to learn for students who have a creative mindset and also know web and app development.

12. Robotics

Robotics is a very interesting field, and it’s great for someone who wants to specialise in both hardware and software roles. Robots can be both physical and virtual. Physical bots can automate tasks like manufacturing, operating equipment, and exploring. On the other hand, virtual bots can automate various software-based tasks. They are normally used for virtual assistance and customer service. The salary of robotics engineers varies on the basis of their roles. However, it is still a very high-paying and sustainable skill to have.

13. Mobile App Development

We are dependent on mobile apps, aren’t we? And the dependency is only going to increase in the coming years. Apps will have more advanced features and will offer more functionality. In addition, businesses will always need apps to deal with online customers efficiently. Therefore, the demand for mobile app developers will definitely be high in the near future as well. It is a stable and high-paying skill you can consider.

14. Product Management

Product management is a very high-paying and future-proof career path as well. We see hundreds of new products getting launched every year. However, companies have to create a successful product development and promotion strategy to create the right amount of impact on the market and reach as many customers as possible. For this purpose, they have to hire a product manager.

Do you want to switch to this career path and land high-paying jobs? Then you should complete one or more of the following product management certifications:

  • Product School’s Product Management Certification Programs
  • AIPMM’s Certified Product Manager
  • Product Development and Management Association’s (PDMA) New Product Development Certification
  • Pragmatic Institute’s Product Management Certification

15. Salesforce/CRM

Customer relation management (CRM) is a crucial process for every business these days. Salesforce is a most popular and commonly used CRM software. If you know how to use it expertly, you can land a high-paying job. It is also in high demand in terms of skills in 2022, according to LinkedIn. If you are looking to develop a skill that is not too technical, being a Salesforce developer can be a good option for you.


To learn any of these skills, you will have to complete complex coursework and submit them on time. Unfortunately, many students fail to do so and require the help of an expert. If you are looking for professional coursework help that is easy on your pocket, you should place an order on our website today!

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