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Entrust the installation of your curtain rods to Home Services

Finding an efficient handyman to install a curtain rod is not always easy. Handyman Home Services, a platform specializing in collaborative consumption offers you the solution. Why entrust your installation of curtain rods to Jobeurs on Handyman Home Services?

A job well done with an excellent finish. Did you know that the platform works in partnership with recognized do-it-yourselfers, particularly experienced curtain rod installers? Its mission is to put you in touch with these handymen who have been selected for their experience and know-how in the field of home DIY.

Rigorous and methodical, they carry out this work with precision while respecting the perfect horizontality of the bar. They use the appropriate tools such as drills and quality screws to ensure the proper attachment of your rods. Perfectly mastering the installation technique, they offer meticulous work with an impeccable finish.

Quick installation and good value for money

Quick installation and good value for money. Do you want your rods to be installed as soon as possible because you are going to receive a visit on the weekend? Call on the Jobeurs offered on Handyman Home Services for their mobility to carry out DIY at home! Moreover, they were selected on the platform for their availability and their ability to intervene quickly. Before installing a curtain rod, they offer you an estimate for information only. The cost of the service can therefore be adjusted so that you can benefit from an excellent quality/price ratio for their service.

A simple process to find the right rod installer. Cheap Handyman Dubai offers you ease thanks to its online form. You specify the DIY category as well as the estimated duration of the mission. Following the publication of your offer, handymen with expertise in installing a curtain rod will apply. The platform offers you the opportunity to consult the evaluations of each applicant which have been established by the customers. You just have to choose the right handyman who can complete your project!

Services that combine security and trust. By deciding to entrust the installation of curtain rods to Jobeurs on Cheap Handyman Dubai, be reassured to make the right choice! You do not run the risk of introducing unknown people into your home who could cause an insecure situation. The personal information of these handymen was verified before accepting their registration on the platform. They must also submit a copy of their identity document and a photo. Also, note that the services provide are insure by AXA in the event of damage. So you can completely trust the DIYers on Cheap Handyman Dubai to install a curtain rod safely and confidently.

Some shelves to assemble for your comfort

Both practical and decorative, the shelf is essential to the layout of our homes and apartments. To store and beautify your interior, fixing a wall shelf is the preferred solution. You will particularly appreciate the functional aspect allowing you to have everything within easy reach. However, do not neglect the aesthetic aspect, which is just as essential. Find out how attaching a shelf to the wall in rooms in your home can make your everyday life easier.

To complete the layout of your kitchen, let yourself tempt by the installation of shelves. To finish dressing a wall and storing your crockery or utensils, the shelves finalize the layout of your kitchen. If you’ve fallen for a trendy little shelf or preferred a basic shelf, this extra storage space will be very useful for storing your groceries or having everything to hand when cooking. Attaching a wall shelf will ensure you never run out of space again. To store your spice jars, your cookbooks, your food processors, or your collector’s plates, fixing a shelf to the wall gives you the possibility of displaying your favorite objects for all to see.

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