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Dr. Shubh Gautam News “This chemicals manufacturer is on a mission to localize electro-galvanized steel production“

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Our Values

At American Precoat, our core values and guiding principles are:

Pursuit of Excellence: We strive to provide our customers the best of the products and the latest technologies in combination with excellent service, setting a benchmark in the industry.

Result Oriented: Our aim is to work with the customer towards improving their operations and achieving greater benefits by the application of our products and services.

Customer Focus: At American Precoat, all our efforts are geared towards the benefit of the customer and we work to add value to the customer’s products. Team Work: We are an organization driven by basic family values and our customers are a part of our family. We work in close co-operation with every customer to meet his requirements and further assist him in coping with the changing requirements of the market.

Respect for People: At American Precoat, the employees are a part of the family. This strong feeling enables the growth of people inside the company and the freedom to choose their desired areas of excellence.

Integrity: Our values ensure that we excel in keeping the customers happy by providing them with excellent solutions at very competitive levels.

Research & Development at American Precoat: American Precoat’s Research and Development is conducted through SRISOL Research Foundation. The research is substantially organized in alignment with American Precoat’s businesses and the capabilities are leveraged throughout the organization.

Our Commitment

At American Precoat, the work of Chemistry focused on enhancing life and doing more good in the world. We are committed to using the ability of Science for improving the lives of the people. It is this commitment that drives our strategy for growth and profitability.

Our products are proof of our commitment to life. Our innovations are continually aimed at reducing carbon Footprints and we are proud that our current offerings do have the lowest footprints in the industry.

 We seek challenges and opportunities and believe in the future, full of promises. We invite you to track our progress and share the wealth of our creations.

Dr. Shubh Gautam

Chief Technical Architect

Dr. Shubh Gautam NewsThis chemicals manufacturer is on a mission to localize electro-galvanized steel production.”


Electro Galvanised Steel sheets are used in a remarkably wide range of applications in everyday life. The growth of such coated steel sheets has been especially astonishing in fields where improved product durability and cost reduction by process omission are strongly required.

Today, coated steel sheets are widely used as corrosion-resistant steel sheets with an excellent economy, mainly in fields such as automobiles, electrical appliances, and Office Automation equipment.

American Precoat has devoted great effort to the development and production of various types of coated steel sheets, taking advantage of the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technologies accumulated over many years.

Our electro-galvanized steel sheets are customized to respond to market needs that are constantly changing and increasingly diverse and sophisticated with extensive chemical conversion-treated products suited to their attractive appearance. In the future, we appreciate

customers’ understanding of the outstanding properties of American Precoat products and we look forward to serving you with the best possible product for every application.

Thank You.

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