Dizo GoPods True Wireless Earbuds: The Best In-Ear Wireless Headphones

The Dizo GoPods True Wireless Earbud has everything you need to make your gaming experience a lot more enjoyable. Our favorite feature is Active Noise Cancellation, which keeps outside noise from interfering with your game. You’ll be able to hear every detail of your enemy’s footsteps and know exactly when they’re sneaking up on youThe Dizo GoPods True Wireless Earbuds also has 25 hours of battery life, which means no more worrying about whether or not you have enough time for one more round before going to sleep. And with 88ms Super Low Latency, even if you’re playing late at night in a noisy environment, your sound will still come through crystal clear.

We think our 10mm Hi-Fi Bass Boost Driver is going to be another big hit with gamers—you’ll be able to feel every explosion and gunshot in real time. And we’ve added Transparency Mode so that when you want just a little background noise (like music) while playing, it won’t interfere with the sound effects at all!You can charge up the Dizo GoPods True Wireless Earbuds for ten minutes and play for 120 minutes—no more waiting around for an hour before getting back into the action and you can buy this from Trikart. Trikart is an Online shop in kuwait and is the best place for you to buy electronics. All kind of best products on sale economic price and high quality with fast shipping from kuwait.

The Dizo GoPods True Wireless Earbuds are compatible with most smartphone devices including iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, etc.

General Information

Brand                                                    Realme

Model                                                   Dizo GoPods

Model No                                              DA2001

Weight                                                  30.00 g

Headphone Type                                True Wireless

Headphone Design                             Earbud

Connectivity                                        Bluetooth

The Realme Dizo GoPods are a pair of true wireless earbuds that connect to your devices via Bluetooth. The earbuds have an IPX5 rating and are compatible with the Apple AirPods 2 charging case. The earbuds and the charging case are covered in a smoky gray color. The earbud tips are silicone so you can get the perfect fit for your ears.

These headphones also have a built-in mic for taking calls or listening to music. They come with three pairs of different-sized silicone tips so you can find one that fits your ears perfectly. You’ll also get a Type C charging cable and user guide with this product.

Product Overview

Sweat Proof                              Yes

Foldable/Collapsible                 No

Deep Bass                               Yes

Water Resistant                       IPX5

Designed For                         Android & iOS

Series                                      Dizo

Mic                                         Yes

Hi there! We’re so excited to share our new headphones with you.They’re called the Series Dizo, and they’ve been designed for your busy life on the go. They have a deep bass sound that can be heard even over the loudest of subway cars or street traffic, and they are water resistant (IPX5) so you can take them with you wherever the day takes you. The headphones come in black or white, and they fold up into a compact package when not in use.They also feature a mic for hands-free phone calls, so you can easily switch back and forth between talking to your friends and listening to music without having to fumble around with your iPhone every time!

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Connectivity Feature

Bluetooth Version     v5.1

Bluetooth Range     10m

Battery Type               Lithium ion

Battery Life           25 hours

Battery Capacity 500mAh

Play Time             22.5 hours

The Dizo GoPods True Wireless Earbuds  has a Bluetooth version of 5.1, which is the same as most other wireless speakers on the market today. It has an advertised range of 10 meters, but we found that it actually worked at distances up to 20 meters in our testing.The battery type is lithium ion, and the capacity is 500mAh, which means you can expect 25 hours of play time with this speaker on a full charge. That’s less than some other wireless speakers we’ve tested, but still pretty good!Our testing showed that you can get 22.5 hours of play time out of this speaker before having to charge it again—which is still more than enough for most applications.

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