Digital Arts, School Net Bullying Countermeasures Introduction

On May 31, 2022, Digital Arts will hold a seminar to introduce examples of efforts by the Amagasaki City Board of Education of CCNA training to promote measures against cyberbullying and the monitoring filter function of the effective security measure service “i-FILTER”. Participation is free. Pre-registration system.

The monitoring filter function of the security measure service “i-FILTER” is a function that blocks writing that leads to cyber-bullying and searches for dangerous words, and alerts are sent by e-mail.

Practical rules in collaboration with Digital Arts

The Amagasaki City Board of Education has introduced the GIGA school version of the Web filtering software “i-FILTER @ Cloud” and is actively working to create practical rules in collaboration with Digital Arts. From 2022, it is also considering efforts to block words that lead to cyberbullying by utilizing the “watching filter” function.

At the seminar, we will introduce the efforts of the Amagasaki City Board of Education of CCNA training to promote cyber-bullying countermeasures and explain the i-FILTER watching filter function that is effective as a countermeasure. In addition to measures against cyber-bullying, we will also introduce measures to prevent private use of terminals and late-night use with demonstrations. It is recommended for people who have problems with bullying using chat and bulletin boards, and people who want to know about Internet trouble countermeasures for GIGA terminals.

The seminar will be held online on May 31st. Up to the first 300 people. Applications are accepted from the website.

Culture, Sports, Science and Technology “MEXCBT” test creation site use application started

On May 9, 2022, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology CBT system “MEXCBT” started accepting applications for the 2022 test creation site. School installers who wish to use the test creation site access the usage application page of the operation support site, enter the necessary information and apply.

“MEXCBT” utilizes the problems create by public institutions such as the national. And local governments at schools and homes, based on the fact that the GIGA school. Because the concept has create a terminal environment for each child and student. A public CBT platform where you can study and assess online. A prototype (trial version) was develop in 2020 and use by about 30,000 children in 2020 and 110,000 children in 2021. MEXCBT (enhance function version) has accepte for use since November 1, 2021, and has  use in elementary, junior high, and high schools nationwide since December.

On May 9, we started accepting applications for the 2022 test creation site. The application is for school establishments. The installer who wishes to use it accesses the usage application page. But from the MEXCBT operation support site and enters the necessary information. The “6 Test creation site usage application” menu to apply. If the installer information has not register about the CCNA course yet, the process. The test creation and use the application after new registration.

The desired school under the control

The test creation site is suppose to create by the installer, but it can also use. By teachers at each school. In that case, the account information will share with the desire school under the control of the installer. After confirming the contents of the questions create by the teachers of each school. So the installer must apply for the test release.

If you select “Trial in a share folder”, it will be available from the same day. So the next business day. An ID and password will be issue on the test creation site usage application page. Only one account can use. Since the parent folder is share with users of other. Because local governments, when logging in for the first time, change the unuse child folder to an arbitrary name. Tests create with a trial account cannot install in MEXCBT.

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