Considering to Shift from Hyderabad to Chennai

If you are planning on moving with your family from the “City of Nizams” to the “City of Thalaiva”, you should continue to sway your eyeballs all the way through this write-up. Thinking about an intercity relocation from Hyderabad to Chennai can really make you feel flabbergasted and in a mentally chaotic situation.

All the belongings that you and your entire family possess by accumulating them over a period of several years often make you feel terrified of the troubles required to move them. It is a situation that requires a lot of planning and execution. There are several measures you should follow to ease your relocation process

United we stand

Not just the magnitude of the consignment that you create, it’s also about the huge distance to be covered between Hyderabad and Chennai that’s causing you the trauma. Needless to say, it’s not an easy-peasy project. “One man army” is grammatically impossible as the army itself is a collective noun; how can you ever expect it to be practically possible?

You need the help of the experts in case of intercity relocation. Hire a team of movers and packers Hyderabad to Chennai to make your relocation experience a blissful one. If you associate with an efficient service provider in your budget you can shift your base without much hassle.

Construct an inventory

Inventory or lists are made to make our life more organized and keep us reminded about their contents. The relocation process is something that requires a lot of preparation and making a list is the primary objective. Not only do you get to see specifically what all things you have that you might require to move, but you also get an idea of the number of boxes that would constitute your moving consignment. Moreover, the movers and packers also get the exact idea to calculate the labour costs.

Bunk the Junk

Now that you got the list of your belongings ready, you can easily categorize the list into two sections- the essentials and the extras. The essentials are exactly the things that you will be needing for your livelihood in the future, the extras are the excess stuff that stuff your living space creating an overboard mess in your house. You surely don’t want your new house in Chennai to be cluttered with all the unnecessary commodities from your current home. The solution is to get rid of them. Sell, donate or simply discard the excess items which do not serve any purpose in your life.

If there are a few pieces of furniture that you find old-fashioned or they are quite old and worn out and you are planning to buy some new furniture in Chennai, you can definitely sell them. If you have too many clothes, shoes, toys, books, etc. Which are no longer useful to you, consider donating them to NGOs and orphanages. Then there will be some items in the house that are completely useless, the torn, broken stuff which will serve no purpose to anyone; just discard them. The lesser the number of boxes, the lesser is the moving cost.

Safeguard the valuables

This part of the procedure is strictly your undertaking. According to the list, you already know of your prized possessions; keep them safe under your control. All the precious jewellery, expensive watches, laptops, mobile phones, financial documents and files, personal documents are to be kept safe in your personal baggage and set aside. Do not disclose this baggage and its contents to the movers and packers service providers. Carry them with you personally as you travel to Chennai with your family.

Prevention is better than cure

While conducting an intercity relocation process, the risk of accidents and damage is higher compared to local relocations. Why take such risks when there is the right solution to them? Get your belongings insured. Moving insurance assures that your stuff will get delivered without damage, tampering, or getting lost. If some mishap happens on the way, you will be offered the promised compensation against the commodities.

Utilize your sense for utility services

The primary services that we require in order to live on a daily basis are utility services. Water supply, electricity connection, gas connection, DTH connection are some of the services without which we can’t sustain. It is very important that you disconnect all these services before leaving Hyderabad and moving to Chennai. So a maximum of two days’ time will be required to get all these services disabled.

But as you move to your new house in Chennai, you won’t be able to subscribe to these same utility services immediately without much struggle. It is advisable that you previously research, connect and take measures to get the utility services much before your relocation to Chennai. This will save you from a lot of instant hassle as you shift to a new house in the new city.

Warehousing is a true saviour

When moving into a new house, we often want to carry out a few alterations according to your preference. Be it the colour of paint of the walls, or the particular kind of wooden fixtures, the positioning of the lights in the false ceiling, or some particular preference in vitrified tiles flooring. We want our new house to be our home designed according to your liking. These alterations mostly take place when the family gets to see the house physically. So sometimes it is preferable to stay in a separate hotel with your family as the house undergoes a transformation.

So where does your consignment stay? You can’t keep them with you in the hotel as it is totally impossible. This is why you need to keep your belongings in a warehouse. They have CCTV surveillance enabled warehouses in Chennai and you can keep your belongings there without any worries. The warehouse expense would depend upon the number of days you are renting it and also by the number of boxes you have your belongings in. This warehouse facility is a boon for intercity relocation.


Relocating your base from Hyderabad to Chennai is not an easy task. It does require a lot of managerial skills on your part and a lot of executional skills on the part of the movers and packers. There are a lot of affordable movers and packers service providers who would make your shifting effortless in your budget. After reading the detailed write-up, we are sure that you are feeling a sigh of relief. So happy moving!

Author Bio:- Vishal


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