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Best Resorts near Bangalore for Family Outing

Bangalore hosts some of the vibrant places ranging from the natural spots like the mighty Western Ghats to the artificially created spots like the Mysore Palace. But do you have the idea that Bangalore is also famous for the resorts and you can spend a nice time with yourself and your family? The resorts like Guhantara, Shilhaandara, Clarks Exotica, Angsana Oasis, Palm Meadows etc provide various activities that will ease your stress and bring back the energy. So do check out them in this article and get some insights about them. 

Amazing resorts in bangalore

Guhantara Resort 

Guhantara is the first man-made cave resort and you can have a two way plan to Guhantara Resort. One is that you can spend there for a day and enjoy all the activities that the resort provides in else take 2 to 3 days and enjoy the fullest possible manner and the resort provides you with this opportunity as well. So if you want to spend more than a day, you can allocate that day to the weekend so that you will have a nice refreshment after the mundane work of the week days. This is an all encompassing place as it is family-friendly, couple friendly, and can also be visited as the weekend tour by friends.

As soon as you enter into the resort you will feel the vibes of the caves and experience the adventurous side of it. There is everything within the caves like the lunch arrangements, raindance facilities, adventurous sports etc. You can bring some extra clothing and footwear as you may do some water sports that require extra things. You can also bring your own play kits but the resort  accommodates everything that is needed for the fun. So this is so unique and with a unique concept that must be visited once in a lifetime. 

Shilhaandara Resort 

Shilhaandara Resort is being served as the best place to have fun along with your family and loved ones. This is located in Bangalore at the foothills of Ramanagara. There are different packages available in the resort that involve the information regarding the food, the activities that you can play like the raindance, ziplining etc. Depending on the time you have, you can choose the package that ranges from breakfast to dinner.

The entrance of the resort resembles the forest area and there are steps that head towards the resort inner part. Here you can get involved in various outdoor games like cricket, cycling, archery, and indoor games like table tennis, carroms, chess, access to the swimming pool and other such activities with your companions and friends. You also get to enjoy a delicious lunch, which includes both veg and non veggies so do take time to visit this amazing site. 

Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and Spa

Clarks Exotica Resort is located in Devanahalli, Karnataka. It is sprawled across 70 acres that is converted into a lush green place. Which has all the necessary things at the backdrop of Nandi Hills. This resort is very near to the historical places and also hosts many entertainment activities for the children.

It offers 4 different cuisines that offer the much needed refreshment to your taste buds. Clarks Exotica has an Ambrosia Health Cafe, Illusion Bar, Buvette for the pool experience, Blue Alps for the multi cuisine food. It also hosts some of the world class spas that will make you ease and tense free. You can spend the calm evening gazing at the sunset right at the backdrop of the airfield. So here you can plan for new year parties, family weddings or any such other kind of occasion. 

Angsana Oasis Spa and Resort

The Angsana resort is located very near to the Bangalore city. This can be the best place for a relaxed stay and a memorable vacation. You can take a complete weekend to spend in this resort or just do a day trip to the resort. But both the options are very good and give you the glimpse of the actual resort.

It hosts some vibrant activities: the swimming pool, water slides, gymnasiums, billiards and many more. It has a unique feature that if you want to order the food. While in the resort you can just scan the QR Code that is placed in your rooms. Then the food will be delivered to the room directly, that makes the things easy. Like any other resort, it also offers various indoor and outdoor activities. So if you are in Bangalore, do not miss out on visiting this area.

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