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Best Membership Plugins for Ecommerce 

Do you want the best WordPress membership plugin for your site?
You have complete control over your revenue source with a membership website.
You won’t have to worry about one of your significant affiliates stopping their program or losing a significant advertising arrangement.
The membership site also has another significant advantage.
When it comes to decent membership site plugins, we’re at a loss. There are plenty of excellent WordPress membership plugins available. And I’m going to show you the finest of the best in this post.


The learning management system is LearnDash.
It allows you to create a WordPress membership site for students. Learners of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.
The greatest course in the LMS market is this login-based plugin. Allows you to create a distraction-free online experience, For example, this is difficult but necessary for many students. You may also decide who has access to which courses and for how long.
LearnDash also allows you to offer certificates and badges, which can increase user engagement.


Memberpress is a well-known and approved membership plugin. This plugin included all of the expected functionality as well as a few extras. You can create a wide range of membership levels. you can construct an infinite number of membership levels with various trial periods and payment alternatives. You can limit material in a variety of ways. You can restrict entire categories and sets of child posts or pages by going broad. You can restrict only certain elements of a page. MemberPress works with most major email marketing services as well as payment channels such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Stripe.


S2Member is a free popular wordpress plugin. For a free plugin, it boasts a remarkable number of functions, they are limited. s2member also has a few additional useful limitation mechanisms. Buddypress, certain URL Fragments, and specific parts of content inside entire articles can all be restricted. You can also limit file downloads and streaming media.
Email templates, configurable login welcome pages, IP limitations, and brute-force security are all included. So if you’re serious about improving a membership website, you’ll almost probably need to upgrade to one of the premium editions to unlock those features.

WooCommerce Memberships

Although WooCommerce is free, you should consider the fact that you’re tying your site’s functionality to yet another plugin.
If you’re currently using WooCommerce to sell things, that’s a tremendous plus! You can sell memberships separately or as part of a larger purchase.
Moreover, you could provide a membership level with added content to everybody who purchases your eBook. You can trickle out your selected content over time, just like the other plugins. You might also provide special offers to entice new clients.


The Member Mouse plugin serves as an easy to set up solution, with a 14-day free trial. All of the essentials you would expect out of a membership plugin.

It’s not the least expensive plugin, but you get standout features like coupons, trial offers, upsells, smart tags, content dripping, piracy auto-locking, and more.

The coupons come in handy, and the churn and retention reporting is essential for figuring out how long your members are sticking around and why they are leaving.

Final thought

MemberPress is the finest WordPress membership plugin, according to our research.
The most extensive choice is MemberPress. It comes with a plethora of functionality as well as great documentation and support.

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