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Best Intel Motherboards: March 2022

For any PC or laptop, the importance of a motherboard is similar to essential PC parts. It functions similar to the very human nervous system works. A motherboard holds together a variety of components including a graphics card, CPU, memory, cooler, and storage. While planning to upgrade your laptop or PC or buy a new one, the one thing that matters the most is to consider an appropriate processor.

For any desktop or laptop, a matching motherboard is a key aspect. Whenever you plan to buy a motherboard, make sure it is the best of the lot. This is because; it is what lets the system function for a long period. The two necessary factors related include high quality and reliable approaches. A motherboard is a prime reason that your PC or laptop functions as per the need. If the motherboard is not up to the mark, then the PC will not function at all.

The present 12th Gen Core series from Intel is acknowledged among the users through several segments, including flagship, entry-level, and, mid-range as we are in 2022. Mostly this is because of Intel’s newest CPUs, which have surpassed AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series to become the new premium performance platform. Not only is this due to the addition of DDR5 memory compatibility, but the new hybrid architectural design also works well in multithreaded applications, and probably most crucially, Intel is being even faster-growing in cost than it has previously been.

Even though the significance of the motherboard is not the same as compared of the GPU or CPU. However, one cannot deny its significance of it. If you are not in the mood to build the essentials of a PC from scratch then it is the best advice to choose the motherboard wisely. Hence, for this purpose, you need to have an appropriate budget for buying an appropriate motherboard.

Best Motherboard That Suits You

One cannot expect the laptop or desktop to function in the best possible way without having the right motherboard. As a foundation for any kind of PC, it should base itself on a reliable and stable base. The first thing to consider in that regard is to choose an appropriate processor to match the motherboard.

The performance of the PC does not affect the motherboard, as an average user does. You can reap the rewards, until the time everything works according to the plan.

Should I Require Expensive Motherboard?

Most people believe that they should buy a motherboard that is higher in price. Nevertheless, it is better to know what is required in the process. If you plan to choose a cheaper motherboard, you will end up regretting the decision. Therefore, it is necessary to select a product as a valuable investment.

Difference Between Expensive vs. Cheap Motherboard

There are several reasons to buy an expensive motherboard rather than a cheaper one. A cheap vs. expensive motherboard debate has left many people confused. While some people prefer choosing a cheaper motherboard, others like to have the best quality motherboard. Some of the factors included in the motherboard that become the difference-maker include extra features, quality/reliability, and features of the components. Not only will they become beneficial for the present, but also the future.

Expensive Motherboard

There are two kinds of people in the world. While one of them wants to save money and prefers cheaper products. Even though an expensive motherboard may seem out of the budget to some people. However, when you buy an expensive motherboard, you will end up receiving quality products.

Cheap Motherboard

While for some people buying an expensive motherboard is not an issue, on the other hand, many others do. The downside to buying a cheaper motherboard is that its quality is not guaranteed, while expensive ones do. There are chances that it would not perform the way an expensive one does. Therefore, it is necessary to go for an expensive motherboard. Even though with a little higher pricing, it is worth taking a shot. So it may seem as if you are saving a lot of money with a cheap motherboard. However, it may end up costing more because of the checking and upgrades you have to carry out on a longer basis.

Choosing the best Intel Motherboards in 2022

As mentioned previously to build a PC, it is necessary to buy an appropriate motherboard. You have to consider various elements included while choosing the best Intel Motherboard in 2022. While a system’s performance is dependent on a system’s overall hardware configuration, the motherboard is unquestionably the key to unlocking all of the new features. There are numerous Z690 models to choose from, but for November, one board that piques my interest is the MSI Pro Z690-A WIFI (DDR5). While the aesthetic is not the typical quintessential gaming-themed motherboard, it has everything needed to get gamers started with a decent feature set and an equally appealing price point.


When you plan to buy a motherboard, the first thing to check is that the Intel Motherboard consists of an appropriate chipset. The Intel chipset also consists of cryptographic firmware, onboard audio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Some of them are also renowned for providing higher bus speeds and overclocking support.

Expansion slots

Intel motherboards consist of many expansion slots, which are also known as accessory cards, expansion boards, adapter cards, or peripheral cards. 


The first Intel Motherboard is D915GEV also known as Intel Motherboard Socket LGA 775 ATX. This motherboard is available for stock at Bulk Devices UK.


JN440BX is the next on the list for Intel Motherboards most popular in 2022. It is also available in stock at Bulk Devices UK.


D945GBI is an Intel Motherboard consisting of Socket LGA 775, with a clocking speed of 1066 MHz it is a motherboard socket, available in stock at Bulk Devices UK.


IPM41-D3 is an Intel Replacement Motherboard with iG41 Chipset Socket. It also consists of LGA775 Core 2 Quad micro ATX. It is available at Bulk Devices UK at affordable prices.

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