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Best areas to buy villas in Banglore

As real estate prices are soaring, it’s truly important necessary to know where to put your money. However, in fact indeed as just an investment, this is the perfect municipality to buy a flat, If you have been in Bangalore for a while now or are planning to stay put. So if you have made up your mind about buying a flat, this composition will be your companion to choosing the perfect position.

The municipality is expanding in all directions. The outskirts of Bangalore have now developed importance beyond appreciation. That being said, some points have been the irrefragable hot spots for buying a home due to multiple factors. also are five of the swish points where you can find apartments for trade-in Bangalore.


Whitefield located in east Bangalore is about 23 km from the municipality center. Established by the Anglo Indians of Bangalore, it was formerly a quiet and joyous neighborhood. still, since the time 2000, with the entry of the IT sedulity, there was a complete change of face. It has also come to a magnet to the big names in real estate. Whitefield is sprawling with caffs best Luxury villas in Whitefield.
and taverns analogous to Barbeque Nation, Marriott, Zuri, and multitudinous further. Phoenix Market City is one of the largest malls in Bangalore. Excellent connectivity to the central municipality and the forthcoming metro design makes the distance from the megacity beatable. Whitefield houses the nexus of Bangalore IT sedulity, ITPL. formerly again, the only downfall also’s the changeable business. The current rates also lie in the range of Rs,122-,398/ sqft. The rates escalated from Rs,975-,655/ sq ft during 2014.
Buying Apartments in Bangalore has greatly been simplified with everything available online from the outlook of the position to the ever-changing rates. From an investment point of view, particular regions have seen a nearly doubling of prices within the short span of 5 times. All said it’s judicious to do your disquisition and find the most suitable apartments for trade-in Bangalore, the Silicon municipality of India soon. Gated community villas for sale 

Kanakapura Road

Kanakapura Road, roughly 50 km from the central municipality, in the south of Bangalore, is one of the most sought-after areas. Its closeness to the developed regions analogous as JP Nagar, Jayanagar and Banashankari respect its appeal.

The most attractive quality of this position is that the roads also have a substantially lower business density as compared to the Mysore road just conterminous to it. There are well-known educational institutes also analogous as Delhi Public School, Kendra Vidyalaya, Dayanand Sagar, and Narayana. Some of the convenience stores in and around this area include Sports mart, Metro Cash and Carry, Heritage fresh, and Desi Partha.

A couple of high-end systems are also on their way. Soon this region will have Metro too. In malice of these factors, the rates also are fairly nominal in the eyes of Bangalore morals and the primary benefit is the vacuity of Cauvery water. The prices have climbed from Rs 2805- 3187/ sq ft to Rs,080-,227/ sq ft over the formerly three times.


Located about ten km from the municipality center, Hebbal sees the most temporary commercialization. With Whitefield and electronic municipality running out of artificial space, Hebbal is attracting a number of IT companies analogous as IBM, Integra Micro Software Services, and Phillips.

The flyover systems have contributed to the excellent connectivity with various corridors of the municipality as well as the trace. In fact, it’s well connected to the International field too. Hebbal also boasts of an iconic flyover in the country, a well-maintained demesne, and the notorious Hebbal Lake with voyaging and jeer-watching installations. nearly all big real estate names are set up in this area.

Along with the on-road connectivity, Hebbal also has a small functional road station. The structure also’s truly well planned to accommodate the population smash in the future. Some of the educational institutes set up also include Eurokids, Narayana, and Young Scholars Academy. As for the bitsy tots, there is Blooming Flowers Preschool and Bright Kid Montessori.

For quotidian shopping, one can head to Nilgiris supermarket or farther retailers among multitudinous others. This area also has multitudinous hospitals and conventions analogous to Apollo, Shirdi Sai, MIDS, and Bangalore Baptist. The rates also have climbed from Rs,485-,590/ sq ft to Rs,185-,587/sq.ft. over the formerly three times.

Sarjapur Road

Sarjapur Road is the forthcoming municipality mecca about 21 km from the original municipality center. Due to the vigorous construction, this area had seen a drop in real estate prices. still, Sarjapur has its rates soaring high presently. Again, another future IT mecca and the new favorite among the big builders.

Sarjapur is to see a complete change of phase with the external ring road offer that is planned to connect Tumkur Road to Hosur Road, cutting through Sarjapur Road,touchingK.R Puram and Bellary Road. This design will give connectivity between north and south Bangalore while avoiding the jam-packed ring road. Krishna Polytechnic College, Milani School, and CMR Gandhi School are some of the educational institutes set up also.

This area has also seen an increase in the number of convenience stores analogous as Gayathri Shopping Complex, Food Basket, Patanjali Store, and Balaji Super Market. For all your sports conditions, Sarjapur has its truly own Decathlon. This area also has some temples and churches.

While there are no major hospitals also, numerous conventions are available analogous as Life Line Health Care and Smile Care Dental Clinic. The property prices have hiked from Rs,060-,505/ sq ft to Rs,207-,525/ sq ft since 2014.

Electronic City

The most significant IT mecca of Bangalore, the Electronic municipality has witnessed an unlooked-for growth over the last numerous times. firstly, Electronic municipality was to be the municipality of electronic sedulity in Bangalore, and moment, it’s one of the largest electronic sedulity demesnes in the country, spreading over 800 acres. Over time, it has developed into a marketable cum domestic area. The area is divided into phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3. Each phase provides all the necessary installations. Along with containing some of the significant MNCs, this position is attracting everything from average range systems to the luxurious bones
. The electronic municipality is also awaiting Metro connectivity soon. An inhabitant of this region need not look far for educational institutes, supermarkets, hospitals, and recreational spots. This area has a large number of caffs
and cafés analogous to Air, Barbeque Nation, Rasoiya Social, and Kettle on. The performance also won’t fail one either with lounges analogous to megahit Gate and pastoral Blues. It also has exceptional connectivity to all corridors of the municipality. With extreme urbanization, the only downfall is also the business. still, in malice of being a sought-after position, it’s fairly affordable.

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