Best apps to download videos from the Internet

We all love it. Watch movies, series and videos from our favourite influencers and artists on the internet. From Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp Even the most traditional platforms such as YouTube are preferred by users in terms of audio visual content, but all deny us the possibility of being able to download any video to enjoy it on TV, mobile phones or computers.

The solution? One of the Best Apps to Download Videos from the Internet Don’t stop knowing them!

1. Bullet saver Video Downloader

For a long time, Bullet saver Video Downloader has been available in the application palette for downloading videos, and the reasons are many. Let’s start by telling you that you don’t have to copy any links or anything like that, but the app works like a specialized browser.

We mean what? and you can enter any internet site through their servers and when there is a video, it will automatically detect it and give you the available download options.

In this sense, you can download videos in HD, Full HD or in low definition , depending on the options available in the audio visual file. Also, if your download gets stuck for any reason, the internet is slow, or the app unexpectedly quits , you can continue at any time so you don’t lose your progress.

Other than that, Video Downloader is packaged with its own playback r, so you don’t have to download any other apps to see the content.


Two. Play Tube and Video Tube

Creators are always looking for ways to get around Google Play controls, so this time they’ve designed a client for YouTube It will also allow you to download the videos and songs you want, without having to resort to other applications.

Play Tube and Video Tube have a very similar interface to the video platform , but this time you can open any file and download it at least after uploading it, 20 seconds of playback.

On the other hand, Play Tube and Video Tube comes with its own player and doesn’t crash , so it works very well on computers that are no longer compatible with the main application.

The best thing about her is that while you have the option to choose the download quality for both the video files and the music, you can now also select the aspect ratio. Some say they have stopped supporting downloads , but you can download an older version.

3. Free video downloader

As the first App downloads videos from the Internet , this alternative works with its own built-in browser so that nothing is in the way.

That is why with Free Video Downloader Free you will be able to immerse yourself in the billions of web pages that offer us videos and download them on your mobile without limitations . Indeed, not only will you be able to download your musicals from YouTube , but you can also enjoy movies and series in the original quality.

Other features we liked about Free Video Downloader are that it works in the background So you keep chatting or checking Instagram while the download is complete.

When entering a site, you don’t need to copy the link or anything like that, as the app works with an automatic detector and will show you an on-screen button to press and download. It is in Spanish and its interface is very similar to the original mobile browser, so it promises a lot.

4. Quattro. Downloader video per Facebook

And if we go to Facebook, the options increase a bit with this Download video for Facebook.

As the name suggests, it is designed to work exclusively on this social network and offers us two alternatives to use it. The first is very similar to the previous app to download videos from the internet, as it is a direct browser that will take you to the platform. There you have to log in and then search for content on your account.

The second proposal that Video Downloader for Facebook offers us is a bit simpler. And that’s it, You can enter the official network app and copy the link.

Then it will be just a matter of pasting it into the application and choosing the quality and download options that you like the most. In fact, the same creators recommend this second alternative because it is more secure and you will not have to log in with your credentials, but you choose which one you want to use.

5. WhatsApp Saver

We couldn’t stop including WhatsApp Saver in the list of apps for downloading videos from the internet because of how useful and practical it is.

With her it will be a second thing to be able to steal the states shared by users through the green courier. But unlike other similar applications, there is no need to complete many cumbersome steps in it .Instead , it will extract the videos and images from WhatsApp and simply organize them in its interface.

Likewise, WhatsApp Saver is one of the best applications to download videos from WhatsApp because while it includes some ads, they are not invasive.

Also, when you open the original app all the files will start downloading and after spending a day, it will be removed from your device, unless you decide to save them in the gallery to keep them. When these have already been downloaded , you will receive a notification so you can go see or share them too.

6. Browser Code

Although we have already introduced you to some browsers among the apps for downloading videos from the Internet, this alternative is a little more complete and complete. It worked and it’s not limited to downloading audio-visuals from the web, because it includes another set of amazing features like a VPN, so you can access more sites without putting your privacy at risk.

It also has multi-tab support to go through hundreds of pages and download several videos at the same time, what do you say?

Obviously, the Kode browser is ideal for downloading videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and even movie sites like Pelisplus .

When you reach a page, the app will detect the file and you only have to choose the format and quality to download it.

You also have the option to choose MP3 audio , in case it is a music video clip. As if that were not enough, the downloaded videos remain in the app, but you can export them to the gallery to see them in other players or applications.

7. Downloader of all social videos

All social video downloader It is compatible with all available online social networks, so you will be able to download your Instagram and Facebook stories files.

You can also enjoy the long video from IGTV or regular posts from each of the platforms.

The video to MP3 converter is ideal for extracting audio from various audio visuals and this alternative works as a fast and integrated browser.

8. Video download master

A master downloader for two social networks: Instagram and Facebook.

Although the range of download options offered by this application extends to other Internet sites as well, because although you can copy and paste a link from the official apps , you have the option to search for the original websites because it contains a built-in browser to work .

It supports multiple downloads at the same time and it will be very easy to choose the quality of the video file.

9. Downloader in Mp4 videos

A YouTube video download application which is currently scarce in the app store.

MP4 video downloader works with a client similar to that of the red social network and you can search for any number of videos via the built-in browser.

The download quality is selectable according to your tastes and preferences, and you can adjust the format to convert it to music as well. When you finish lowering them, you just have to export it to the gallery and problem solved.

10. Download Instagram videos

But if what you are looking for is exclusivity with Instagram, then this app is designed for that specific social network.

With it you will be able to download all the videos of the normal posts, but you can also download the stories of your followers or any other user, as well as IGTV posts, in case you like the longer videos.

In addition, you can also choose the playback quality and view them in the same app with the built-in player.



Watch your movies, series and cartoons, download WhatsApp status, get videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and any other platform using apps to download videos from the Internet.

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