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Benefits of Applying Student Accommodation Exeter through Accommodation Service Providers

Student Accommodation Exeter

A number of methods are available today through which the individuals going to study in a university in Exeter can apply for student accommodation Exeter. A conventional method is to directly contact an authority, which owns the place of stay. But, this method is very time-consuming and difficult if you want multiple choices.

To cop this problem, student accommodation service providers offer you an easier method. Let’s look at the method and understand how it helps you in applying and getting the student accommodation Exeter.

How to Get Accommodation in Exeter through Student Accommodation Service Providers

Student accommodation service providers offer a complete list of accommodations in different cities. The service providers have tie-ups or partnerships with the concerned authorities.

You need to search “Exeter” in the search box of these websites or visit the section where you find the list of cities and select “Exeter”. There, you will find all the accommodations available in the city. You also get the comparison options on these websites with the help of which you can compare the prices, facilities, etc., on the places of stay more easily.

Applying the accommodation through these service providers has a number of advantages. Here are some of the benefits that you can get when you go through the process of the service providers.

Benefits of Applying Accommodation through Student Accommodation Service Providers

#1 Ease of Finding Right Accommodation as Compared to Conventional Methods

If you want to find the right accommodation, you need to be selective. You are required to see the prices, facilities, etc. of several accommodations and then you will be able to select the right one that perfectly fits your budget, requirements, and choices.

In the conventional methods, you need to contact different authorities, which have ownership of the accommodations. You are required to spend a lot of time meeting or contacting different owners and checking the facilities and prices offered by them

Student Rooms in Exeter
Elegant living room interior with a grey sofa, wooden shelves, plants and paintings on the wall

But, the existence of student accommodation service providers has made things much easier without any second thought. On the websites of the service providers, you can find the accommodations of different owners in a single place. So, you can check the facilities, amenities, prices, and the exact location of the accommodations there.

In addition, some accommodation providers also offer comparison features on their websites. With the help of this feature, you can compare different properties in tabular format. Which makes it much easier for you to compare.

#2 A Lot of Time of Students Is Saved

The options as mentioned in the previous point offered by the accommodation service providers not only ease the process of finding the place to stay but also save a lot of time for the students.

When you contact different accommodation owners, you need to spend a lot of hours and sometimes even days to find the right place for you to live in Exeter. But, with the help of the options available at the websites of service providers, you can make the right selection within just a few hours.

#3 You Get More Choices While Sitting at Your Home

The accommodation service providers have partnerships and tie-ups with different accommodation authorities and owners. When you go to contact the authorities or owners directly by yourself, you may not find many of them online and can contact them only when you visit Exeter.

But, at the websites of accommodation service providers, you can find them and can contact them easily from your place.

#4 Student Accommodation Service Providers Offer Some Other Services Also to Students

Apart from the accommodations, students can get many other services from the accommodation service providers. In other words, students find plenty of services under one roof. Some of these services include:

Airport Pickup: Students can do the booking of a car to pick up from or to drop at the airport.

International SIM: International SIM cards can be acquired easily with the help of service providers.

International Money Transfer: The service providers directly transfer money to universities and accommodation owners. Moreover, they also facilitate the parents to transfer money for the pocket expenses of students through them.

Guarantors: Students may need guarantors for off-campus accommodation and many other things, and they can find them easily with the help of service providers.

Room Essentials: You can find the kits for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or a combined kit for both.

Education Loan: If you need an education loan to study abroad, then the accommodation providers help you through their education loan partners.

Travel Insurance: Accommodation service providers also have partnerships with travel insurance providers. The insurance covers medical and non-medical expenses when you are in Exeter.

Forex: You can also get forex (foreign exchange) services.

Job Search: Accommodation service providers also help you in job search in several international destinations.


In short, it is for sure that student accommodation service providers save a lot of time and effort of students that they spend in finding the right accommodation and other related services.

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