Awesome Seasonal Marketing Promotion Ideas

Promote staycations

Retailers of home and garden supplies can utilise their marketing to highlight products for designing getaways at home. Consider perennial plantings, patio couches, and reading corners. The similar approach can be used by takeout restaurants.

Have a photo contest on social media

Businesses should flood their social media feeds with images that seem like a summer vacation photo album, complete with sunshine, vibrant colours, happy people, and outdoor locations if feasible. then request fans to submit their pictures for a competition. Encourage users to share with friends, offer a tempting prize for the most inventive photo, and make it necessary for non-followers to like your page in order to participate in the competition. This is a fantastic digital marketing technique to increase your internet visibility.

Day of Independence

Yes, July 4th is an official US holiday. But did you know that July is a big month for national holidays in many nations? Simply pick the local date and hold a Fourth of July-themed sales event. Alternatively, you may hold an authentic American barbecue at your restaurant.

Visit summertime events

Outdoor sales opportunities abound during the summer at festivals, concerts, farmers’ markets, and parades. There is no excuse for not taking advantage of these seasonal events if you are able to mobilise any aspect of your firm.

Return to School

Back to school deals are rife as the summer draws to a close. Think again if you believe that has nothing to do with your company. Target the parents who are happy that their kids will once again be gone all day, rather than concentrating on the kids with all the supplies and new outfits they’ll need. While restaurants and cafes might arrange lunch specials especially for the first day of school, spas can provide relaxation packages. You can also offer ataşehir escort bayan early back-to-school deals on particular products to get ahead of this busy period for parents.

This Instagram account, “Mommy Page,” uses a contest to promote back to school in a distinctive way. This is a fantastic approach to increase social media interaction and get your customers in the back-to-school mood.

Autumn marketing campaigns

Christmas is only 90 shopping days away.

People are less likely to go shopping in the months before the holiday season. Create a brief Loyalty Rewards programme that runs from the first day of autumn until just before Black Friday to provide your customers with motivation. A discount redeemable between Black Friday and Christmas is based on the total amount spent during that time.

Attach a pumpkin to it

There are lots of people who will be familiar with this seasonal marketing initiative. If it can be consumed, restaurants and cafes will put pumpkin spice in their products, whether it be lattes, muffins, pancakes, or beer. Non-hospitality businesses aren’t allowed to do any of this, but they are allowed to mock the trend. Find anything orange and give it a new name, like pumpkin spice power tools or three-ring binders. Then, have fun promoting these goods to your email subscribers and users of the web and mobile applications.


The numerous customs associated with Halloween, which is observed by billions of people worldwide in varying forms, add up to an astounding sum of money spent on the event. Organize trick-or-treating events with other nearby, non-competing companies to attract both current and new consumers to your downtown or shopping district. You may even arrange a trick-or-treating event for children and perhaps even persuade their parents to make a purchase. View this page for additional Halloween marketing suggestions.

Summer Time Change

Autumn is the season when we’ve arbitrary eliminated all the life-affirming benefits of prolonged exposure to sunshine in nations that observe Daylight Savings Time. However, the day the clocks go back gives us all an extra hour of daylight, which is the ideal persuasion tool to entice folks to venture out into the night and spend some time shopping with you. Increase the brightness of your lights and entice clients to take advantage of the final hour of daylight.


Mid-September marks the commencement of the formal festival, which is hosted in Munich, Germany, and lasts until the first Sunday in October. Due to the widespread love of beer, Oktoberfest is unofficially observed worldwide. While retailers must be inventive, bars and restaurants may easily create a seasonal marketing campaign around it. One strategy is to collaborate with a neighbourhood bar for a party; in exchange for a customer’s purchase, the bar may provide them a complimentary beer, and they may be pleased to have you promote their business.

Cyber Monday

Customers typically spend a lot of money on Black Friday since the day has come to be associated with wacky retail deals. For this day, all firms can develop marketing plans.

You may hold a storewide deal or provide eateries as a haven from the craziness that permeates shopping centres. Beginning your marketing campaigns early can help you become top-of-mind for your customers by the time the day comes.

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