Asymmetrical multiplayer online games for youth

Following are the best  Asymmetrical multiplayer online games for youth.


There are several types of maniacs in the game, and the survivors are divided into several classes. You can play both in a team (constantly interacting and coming to the rescue), and one at a time, sacrificing your comrades for your own salvation.


A multiplayer online shooter in which players in the role of mercenaries hunt for a valuable resource, and also confront a terrible monster, which, in turn, acts against everyone at once. Participants can form situational alliances with each other – and even with an alien monster – but do not forget that the one who collects the most loot wins. Therefore, there are no friends in Vicious Circle online matches.

The player who chooses the role of the monster can hunt other characters, wreaking havoc on this already slightly insane adventure. The same, meanwhile, are trying as much as possible to harm each other, but at the same time not to become prey to the enemy. In general, it turned out to be a chaotic and rather chaotic shooter, not without flaws, but capable of dragging out for an evening or two.


In this mix of horror and action, players will take on the roles of kids who have made their way into the house of a strange Neighbor in order to free their comrade. The problem is that one of the friends is a neighbor in disguise, and he can betray the children while they split up looking for keys to access the basement.

Secret Neighbor follows the concept of 4v1, where players are up against a stronger and more cunning opponent. If you do not unite, the Neighbor will win, but do not forget about the study of the house. The villain , in turn, can confuse rivals, ingratiate himself and catch everyone one by one. The test is not easy.


Daedalic Entertainment’s real-time strategy game too obviously copies the ideas and style of Warcraft, and would have remained a nondescript clone if not for the original asymmetrical multiplayer mechanics.

For example, players can challenge each other in 2v2 online mode, where huge armies act on one side, and powerful heroes on the other. In this fight, users can test which is stronger – the number or power, the variety of units or the abundance of abilities.


The “meat” shooter Doom Eternal features an unusual multiplayer: here the player in the form of Doomguy confronts two rival players who, in the role of demons , are trying to defeat him. The developers admitted that the traditional network mode in Doom 2016 was not successful, so they decided to come up with something new.

Doomguy is obviously stronger than any demon, so his opponents will have to work together and invent complex tactics to defeat the illustrious warrior.


The asymmetric multiplayer action crazygames online Predator: Hunting Grounds takes us back to the distant 80s , trying to convey the atmosphere of that very film with Schwarzenegger. Here, the player, dressed in the skin of the Predator , will fight a squad of human players using a deadly arsenal of weapons and gadgets.

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The developers have prepared several different locations, worked out the best crazygames to the smallest detail and implemented an interesting cat-and-mouse game between an alien guest and the inhabitants of the Earth. The game was created by the Illfonic studio, which is not new to the implementation of asymmetric multiplayer – earlier the team was noted for playing Friday the 13th: The Game.

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