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Analysing the Best NFT Games and the Issues They Face

NFTs and video games are two things nobody expected to talk about in 2022. Yet here we are discussing the same topics. This is because NFTs, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies have become trending topics alongside gaming. So, on the one hand, NFTs are increasingly popular. On the other hand, this is because we’ve implemented and adopted more Web 3.0 elements over the last few years. As a result, they’ve steadily grown from a niche subject to one of the most popular internet trends.

We have seen them elevate the art and business while becoming a fundamental part of the gaming sector. And we’ve even witnessed them rake in millions of dollars and pounds for artists and developers alike. But unfortunately, recent times have not been so favourable to Web 3.0 technology trends. In fact, many NTF games and studios are now struggling to keep up.

Of course, there are a number of reasons for that. But we can focus on those later. Nevertheless, keeping track of the best NTF games is still important. That’s what our app development Chicago team is here to do. So today, we’re looking at the best NFT games on the market, what makes them so great, and why several companies are currently struggling with the development aspects.

In addition, we’re also jumping into the challenges of NFT game development to help you understand what can go wrong when you develop your own game. So, get ready, power down those dev stations, and strap in as we jump from the real world to the gaming world with NFTs.

An Analysis and List of the Best NFT Games in the Industry – 2022

While many NFT games are suffering, others are still holding their ground. Thankfully, our app development Chicago team understands the real issue. We’ve analysed the problem and noted a few key concerns with NFT games.

Firstly, there are issues that gamers have with industry practices. They include everything from security, quality and more. But then, we also have entry barriers that put off the average consumer. Thus, resulting in lower sales and a troubled development cycle.

Let’s discuss a few of the above issues before we look at how some of the best NFT games handle them:

Gamers are Not Happy about NFT Games

That heading probably sounds a bit outlandish, but it’s true. However, it goes back to the first implementation of NFTs in games. Unfortunately, gaming studios have made things all about money and status. Or, in the words of the most hated company in gaming, “the pride and accomplishment” of purchasing and selling items in the game.

They fail to understand gamers don’t care about status or NFTs. In addition, developers have also added NFTs in the most useless way. As a result, there’s no added value to obtaining or earning NFTs.

Take Ghost Recon as an example. The game added NFTs, but players could only trade with other players. And when everyone moved on to other titles, the NFTs became useless.   Moreover, many of the games also lack quality. And that leads to further issues down the line for studios.

You can check out more coverage of NFTs in gaming by following prominent YouTubers like YongYea.

NFT Security in Gaming is Bad

NFT security is a real issue. Not only can they be stolen from elsewhere, but now that’s also happening in gaming. As a result, even some of the best NFT games are seeing controversial coverage online. If players cannot keep their NFTs safe, they will not play the game. Thus, any studio working to create an NFT game needs to use the right kind of online security features to keep its audiences secure. Or else risk heavy losses in the end.

Entry Barriers for NFT Gaming are a Lot

If gamers need to pay £1000 to buy a digital asset just so they can play a poor-quality NFT game, you can bet they aren’t going to be interested. After that, games must decrease their costs over time. And what’s worse is the NFTs they earn or buy can lose their value if the market crashes! Those are some pretty high barriers to entry. Therefore, game companies need to take special care to create a space more gamers can easily access. ___________________________________________________________________________

Now that we’ve covered the serious issues, you might be wondering, “Are there really any good NFT games?” After all, the above information paints a negative picture of the landscape. However, there are actually several out there that offer players a fun and valuable experience. So, let’s go over the best NFT games selected by our app development Chicago team:

The Best NFT Games Available in 2022

Check out the best NFT games on the market below. We’ve covered the type, price, and a few of the features they offer:

Blankos Block Party

The first game is Blankos Block Party. It’s more primitive in appearance than the rest of the games on our list. That’s because it uses a graphical style similar to Minecraft or kids’ games. However, the gameplay quality is where it excels. So, analysing Blankos Block Party and what it offers is still important. The game focuses on creating art and environments other players can explore and sell. But NFT trading is secondary. The game is free. Head to the Epic Store to learn more about it.


The next game is EV.IO. It’s a first-person shooter with tech from Web 3.0. What makes this game special is its browser compatibility. So, you won’t need to download any files to run it. Instead, boot up your browser and jump in. This game is another free-to-play option. It aims to provide players with a gameplay experience similar to Halo. Thus, making it a very exciting choice. And the best part is the NFTs and purchases don’t affect gameplay. Instead, they’re the skins of your character and weapons. Try heading to EV.IO to learn more.

Big Time

The last game on the list is Big Time, an online RPG that sees its players combine action, combat, and adventure. It allows players both of the NFT gameplay styles as it’s free to play and offers pay-to-earn elements. That means players can profit by playing the game faster than with other entries. You can check out the game by heading here. Players can sell what items they earn in the game and pay crypto if they wish to purchase others. Developers should take note of the play model and try implementing something similar. This game does have some paid elements, like the Access Pass.

What We’ve Learned about the Best NFT Games in the Industry

So, that covers what developers, gamers, and enthusiasts need to know about the best NFT games in the industry. Of course, there will be issues when you develop an NFT game. But resolving the problems we’ve pointed out can help you ride the NFT gaming trend.

Finally, try researching more information about Web 3.0 online before you get to creating your own NFT game. You might find other useful data to improve your product.

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