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All You Need To Know About 42mm Artificial Grass

Whether you are decorating a patio or deck, 42mm Artificial Grass will look great. It has a 40mm pile height and is a good choice for outdoor areas. Made of Polyethylene and 40% Polypropylene, 42mm artificial grass is durable and won’t fade in the sun. It also doesn’t contain cadmium and is pet-friendly. Furthermore, the installation 42mm artificial grass process is simple and will leave your patio or deck looking beautiful.

If you want to have the most beautiful lawn, you can opt for the 42mm version of Artificial Grass. Its pile is 16-18 millimeters high and is ideal for residential areas. Ideally, it should have a height of 40mm. However, if you want to install it in a public space, you need to purchase a product with at least 40mm pile. Fortunately, this option is the most affordable.

Premium Version 42mm Artificial Grass

Another great option is the 42mm version. This grass is soft and luxurious and is a great choice for gardens and patios. The standard width of 42mm Artificial Grass is four meters. It can cover an area of six metres by four meters. Using six units will cover this area. Likewise, one metre of grass will cover twenty-four square meters. Then, you will only need to purchase a single unit of this grass.

42mm Artificial Grass

The 42mm Luxury Artificial Grass is a popular option. Made from 60% Polyethylene and 40% Polypropylene, it is durable and requires minimal maintenance. It is eco-friendly, too, as it doesn’t require pesticides. This artificial grass is great for both indoor and outdoor use, and is suitable for patios and gardens. The thickness of 42mm makes it more versatile than real turf.

42mm Artificial Grass for outdoor uses

42mm Artificial Grass is a great option for outdoor use. Its pile height is 40mm, and it has a luxurious feel. The pile of this grass is 40mm thick, and is therefore suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It can be used for any area in the home, including patios, swimming pools, and lawns. Unlike real turf, this artificial grass is UV-resistant and is suitable for outdoor use.

42mm Artificial Grass

The luxurious pile of 42mm Artificial Grass is a perfect choice for patios, gardens, and other outdoor areas. Its pile is 40mm thick, and is sold by the linear meter. Each meter covers one square meter, so you will need at least 6 units for a six-metre-long patio. When replacing a lawn, 42mm grass is an excellent choice. It will make the surface of your garden look great.

Artificial Grass for outdoor applications

The Deluxe 42mm Artificial Grass is a luxurious option for outdoor applications. This grass has a natural blend of green tones with curled brown base. Its very safe to leave outdoors and doesn’t fade, making it a great option for large gardens. It is also pet-friendly, as it doesn’t attract animals and is suited for outdoor use. It is an excellent option for any outdoor area.

A 42mm Grass is a luxurious option with a thick pile that looks natural. It is a 40mm pile height product and features a natural blend of green tones with a curled brown base. The thickness of 42mm artificial grass makes it a versatile option and is more durable than real turf. It can be left outside, even if it is exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, it will not fade or stain in a year.


It is also a good choice for home gardens. It looks just like natural grass, is durable, and is very low-maintenance. Moreover, the Deluxe 42mm Grass is made of 60 % Polyethylene and 40% Polypropylene. It comes with a 10 year warranty, which means that it’s safe for pets. You won’t have to worry about the quality of this product.

20mm Artificial grass

You can choose a 20mm pile height, the Holly 20mm Artificial Grass is both durable and eco-friendly. Its soft pile has a slight greenish tint, and the product can be installed on concrete balconies, decking, and ground. The best thing about this product is that it doesn’t require any chemicals, and it can be used anywhere. Its cadmium-free material means that it is safe for children and pets.

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